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Betong, Thailand (Nava K's Weekend Tripping) - Episode 3

End of Episode 2 (Betong Episode 2), followed by? Obviously must be Episode 3 right? Of course. From Betong Hot Spring to Namtok Inthason Waterfall. What’s with waterfall? Because I insisted. Me so loving water seeing and hearing, and water as my healing therapy for cleansing my body, mind and soul. Moreover, since we had to pass by the route Namtok Inthason Waterfall is located, why not? No harm done. Mountainous water cascading from a few levels higher up and flowing at its own sound of music. However, as far as I know, Namtok Inthason Waterfall is not a prominent water figure of Betong (Betong Part 1) and if I am not mistaken, have not been maintained for maybe the longest time.
Maybe that's there was no one was around except us even during this weekend. Can be quite eerie mind you. Then again, for the brave hearts, nothing can or should stop you from picnicking and water dipping. We on the other hand? 10 minutes most to most before heading to Winter Flower Garden. 

Winter Flower Garden! All said and admired about the various shapes, sizes, colors and scenting the air flowers in this flower paradise which kept drawing big groups of tourists, my honest opinion. Winter Flower Garden undeniably must be appreciated, but we weren’t like over hyped up. A few rounds within as far as we wanted for 15 minutes and prior to telling ourselves enough by easily letting go of Winter Flower Garden from our mind.    

Winter Flower Garden checked and the next checking had to be food. Food literally waving and calling us for indicating that we must put food into our stomach. Where was lunch? Don’t ask me. Thai language honestly is not my mother tongue. Having said that, nothing no could be faulted. Roller blades service, ample choices on the menu and dining area? Wondrous. Outdoor garden setting surrounded and shaded by plants and we being seated at the like Flintstone era table and chairs. Furthermore, a stream running parallel across the walkway and where we sat. Food. Delicious home-style meal. Pegaga/Pennywort Honey drink being such a pleaser as we tucked into Egg Soup, Mango Kerabu/Salad and Sweet Spicy Pork alongside rice. Not cheap though. You gotto pay the price and thank you to our driver for bringing us over. But despite coaxing him over and over again in joining us, he just wouldn't.   


After lunch? Betong or even Thailand as a whole package to sightseeing. Temples of course. Temples as one of the central attractions. Which temple? I can't tell you because its the same Thai language matter on their signboard. Temple of course must be included as the upbringing and culture of Thai people paying homage to god, and the main captivating prominent attraction in this temple is the huge monk statue outside. Even if you are only passing by, I think you can still see.    

The next temple. Jantarat Temple. To the main altar by climbing the stairs for not only paying respect to Buddha and Chinese gods, but also our Hindu gods. Our Hindu gods. Believe me you. And then? Enough of temples and back to Betong town. 

Our driver and his antics the moment he dropped us off? Can you believe it? Literally haggling we pay him more because he felt he had gone his way in driving us around. Sly fellow. Duh! We gave in. We didn't want to argue, but the initial thought of tipping him was definitely out of the question. A higher amount in fact compared to what he haggled for. His lost and not ours. What else did we do in Betong? Just walking and at the spur of the moment, mutually agreeing for a tea break in one the coffee shops by calling for sweet dessert from the stall outside. Beans, sweet potato, coconut milk and sugar made sweet treat. Nothing special, neither should I downgrade.
The next two hours? Killing time by checking out the shops. Did I buy? Are you kidding me? Like we can't buy these things in Malaysia and Thai bazaars? Seemingly a trend in Malaysia. Temptation however did run high for testing the famed in Thailand Mango Sticky Rice from the street stall.
A pack of mango sticky rice prior to making our way into the cramped eatery for dinner. Rice tucked alongside grilled cockles, grilled squids, oyster mushroom stir fried and petai sambal. Another ripping our money Betong eating and meal wasn’t a major game changer as well.

How about the mango stick rice we tucked into in this eatery itself after asking permission from the shop owner? Wasted hack. As if early morning stock clearance. One word to describe? Terrible. 
Over. The end to our Betong weekend tripping. Next morning, as early as 6.00am out of Betong. Betong! A must explore? You should. After all, like I always say, my famous travelling tagline, nothing ventured, nothing you will find out for yourself. Will I return to Betong again? I don't think so. Glad I give a go, but returning to this cowboy town is definitely out of the question. Of course Betong and men. You pay for the trill and frill of Thai women and who knows, maybe even Tiger Show? 


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