Monday, November 23, 2015

Banana Flower Stir Fry/Vazhaipoo Poriyal

One of those ingredients I think our younger generation is not gamed for. In fact, if you mention banana flower to them, they, most probably will roll their eyes as though we have mention an alien ingredient or automatically they will stare at you, thinking you have mention a bad word. Then again, can we, tell me, can me blame them? Of course not. Maybe because we parents ourselves have forgotten about banana flower, or we can't be bothered with cooking it or we have become so modernized in our food thoughts (Beetroot RaitaBrinjal Spicy Sweet, Curried Bendi/Ladies Finger & Aloo Gobi) until we feel our children deserve food made with exclusive ingredients instead of banana flower. By the way, let me tell you that banana flower is indeed a healthy source of nutrients compared to hormone jabbed chicken (Cornflakes Fried Chicken, Fried Chicken Wings & Grilled Chicken Wings) , or whatever ingredient you feel is a whole lot better. I can go on and on, on comparing banana flower with other ingredients, but if you still feel you shouldn't cook banana flower for your children, its your problem. I really don't want to make other people's problem mine because I have my own set of problems. Mainly, what to cook for the day (Carrot Poriyal, Topioca Stir Fried & Vegetable Achar/Pickle). Banana flower is also slowly disappearing in the city, unless I make a trip to the wet market, which is like a major battle. The nearest wet market will take me more than half an hour, and mind you, driving in the morning jam can equally drive me up the wall. 

Glad I was I found banana flower in Econsave on this day. After donkey years of not cooking, I thought it will best to stick to the stir fry my mum and my grandmas used to make. All said and done, cleaning banana flower can be a killer. Obviously, will take up your time, I, to told you the truth, sort of regretted putting my hands on cleaning. Nonetheless, in all fairness, I think I did a good job, prior to frying banana flower as a typical authentic Indian dish. Fried alongside the usual ingredients we generally tend to stock up in our fridge and pantry. Banana Flower Stir Fry/Vazhaipoo Poriyal, I tell you, is so appetizing when paired with sambar (Fish Sambar), rasam (Pineapple Rasam) and sodhi (Vegetable Sodhi). 

1 banana flower - clean and slice
1 large onion - slice 
5 garlic - slice 
2 tbsp fresh grated coconut
1 tsp coriander seeds
1 tsp fennel seeds
1 tsp turmeric
2 sprigs curry leaves
2 tbsp oil
Salt to taste

Heat oil.
Sauté garlic and onion.
Add coriander seeds and fennel seeds.
Stir and add coconut. 

Stir just for a minute or two.
Add flower, turmeric, curry leaves and salt.
Increase the heat.
Stir and fry to soften the flower and dish out.

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  1. Amazing recipe. I have eaten a version of this and its yum stuff :)

  2. I have eaten banana flower only once bt never knew how to make it.. this is simple once u prep ... loved the recipe

  3. i always see this in market and never knew how to cook it, will try it this time
    keep in touch

  4. Though the prep works kills, i still get these once in a while... poriyal that's how we call this dish looks super delicious!

  5. WOW! This is so yummy and new to me.

  6. I never heard of this recipe until now I will love to try it.

  7. thats a different kind of valaipoo stir fry ..Will try it sometime

  8. I feel those days of my childhood..... We used to drink honey present in the flower..... and u r right... banana trees were every where in those days......Delicious and healthy stir fry..... :)

  9. Delicious recipe...... we used to drink honey from banana flower..... a healthy option too :)

  10. Such an easy preparation.... thank you for narrating the steps about cleaning a banana flower, the reason why I don't want to buy it... hehe...

  11. I have never heard of banana flowers but this dish looks really delicious!! Yummmieeeee <3

  12. Buena receta y muy novedosa me imagino los aromas que tiene,abrazos

  13. Thanks Nava

    Hubby said can eat but so far I have not tried before. This weekend might try to find this in pasar

  14. Healthy recipe with banana flower...Yummm....

  15. Oh god...u took me back to my childhood days when we had lot of banana plants at home and my mom used to make this quite it...though ours is a different version I love the flavours if your recipe too...Thanks for sharing :)

  16. My mom use to make it for me, I will try your recipe.

  17. Love this post so much, Nava! It's an eye-opening one for me as I've never seen banana flowers. Hahaha! xoxo

  18. Honestly, I have never heard of any method to cook banana flowers. Learnt a great deal from your blog.


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