Sunday, November 3, 2013

Parippu Pradhaman

Another sweet treat? Sure, why not? You tell me (Rava Laddu & Rava Kesari) why not? But definitely not because I wanted to jump inside the backwagon of the millions who are via blogging, sharing recipes on sweets or sweetness profound recipes. I actually made this Indian, specifically Kerala style (Kiri Hodi, Malabar Fish Curry & Palakura Pappu) sweet porridge for god and we may have totally and outrightly put a stop to celebrating Deepavali by inviting friends, or enemies within, yet god is very much important to us. Are you right now asking me why my Pradhaman is not like those really dark brown ones? Those made by others? Let me tell you why. Basically because its a no show to sugar (Custard Caramel) in Pradhaman, also known as payasam, or you call it kheer as well. Of course sugar is still needed, which I actually served separately so that you can tip according to how much you want or you may not want sugar at all, and being a typical Malaysian I opted for Gula Melaka/palm sugar instead of jaggery/sakkara. Also, no condensed milk for sugar killing us. Regardless, nothing is compromised in terms of Parippu Pradhaman being a memorable luscious sweet treat. In fact I must say that my version to my Parippu Pradhaman is heightened due some sago (Honeydew Sago, Green Bean Sweet Porridge & Bubur Cha Cha) and saffron strands playing a role in giving a buttery golden hue and rich aroma. Of course, we need ghee (Ghee Rice) as well for further depth in scent and richness, and who ever in the right frame of mind will ditch coconut milk aside for Parippu Paradhaman. 

1 cup split green beans/moong dhal -soaked for 2-3 hours.
1/4 cup sago - soaked in water for 1 hour and rinsed
1 cup coconut milk 
3-4 cardamoms- remove skin and crush the pods.
2 tbsp ghee (or as per taste)
2 tbsp cashew nuts - break into smaller pieces
2 tbsp dried black currants
1/4 tsp saffron strands
Palm sugar/white sugar as needed - simmer with water for a thick syrup. 
Simmer peas with 2 cups of water till half cooked.
Slowly stir in sago and simmer.
Cook till peas are soften and sago becomes translucent, 
Add cardamom, saffron strands and coconut milk.
Stir and once heated through, off the heat.
In a pan, heat ghee and temper cashews and currants.
Pour over payasam and stir in.
Served with palm/white sugar syrup


  1. Wow. I want to eat it right away. Well prepared with the addition of lentil.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. this was something i had a few months ago when my umma had made it... reminded me of it... thanks a lot for sharing the recipe... coconut milk is always the best for payasams!!! i always use a mix of fresh milk and coconut milk for my payasams...

  3. Such a wonderful idea of a dessert! I haven't really used sago much in my cooking...I'm inspired now. The dish looks really inviting!

  4. looks creamy and tasty .. feel the festive atmosphere

  5. sounds interesting and delicious.

  6. The serving dish looks diff and wonderful nava .I was thinking of doing sago and semiya payasam ,this is tempting me to try..... so going to try without coconut milk.

  7. payasam looks fabulous..but I haven't tried this combo - green peas and sago..looks great ...

  8. Creamy, yummy and inviting payasam.. Love the moong dal and sago combo..

  9. Hi Nava, I like split green bean dessert, your this recipe look awesome. Thanks for sharing. Love the square glass, look so cute and elegant.

    Have a wonderful day.

  10. Interesting combination. Hope you had a good Diwali.

  11. What a fabulous payasam! I love the texture of sago but never tried split green peas in a payasam (we call it kheer). But it looks like a great combo!

  12. love this creamy and tempting payasam, very festive... beautiful click...

  13. Unique combination, yummy payasam! Your clicks are really beautiful!

  14. yummy payasam with saffron..looks awesome

  15. Love the presentation here. Payasam is always yummy/

  16. Lovely!! And as usual your clicks are great :)

  17. Looks great! You brought back my memory of those oiling and bathing on Diwali days. All of our family members would get together ( we were almost 20-22 of us) and it was one awesome session! Now everyone is busy and scattered. Lovely click by the way :)

  18. Wow, great payasam with moong daal... Lovely clicks :)

  19. My mother fed me so much of sagoo n milk... that is dudh shaboo as a child that I dare not combine both but love all the dessert with get here with it here and in ur country too... sagoo mango the most haha

  20. Look delicious and love the way it is serve.


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