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Kerala Sardine Curry With Green Brinjals

Fish again on my cooking home front? Fish? Yes foodies, the faithful fish I have cooked, don't know how many times (Salmon Pulao RiceGrilled Fish Taucheo Dip, Okra Fish Soup, Fish CutletCoriander Chilli Fish, Grilled Unagi & Thai Fish Style). Curries are also, by far, another common fare on my dining table, but this today's fish curry is no ordinary (Indian Fish Curry, Assam Fish Curry & Fish Curry Radish). Its a Kerala calling dish. Kerala (Fish Puttu). Coconut milk, spices and herbs, alongside seafood and fish, says it all about Kerala cuisine. Fresh fish of course, then again, we do have options to, if not fresh sardines, lets do it with canned sardines.

My savior, canned sardine is my savior, canned ones have saved me many a times. I actually, in fact, was on the look out for fresh sardines, but, you know right, how it is, what you sometimes search for in markets, may not be available. So, I made do with canned sardines. And Kerala Sardine Curry With Green Brinjals, let me repeat myself again, is no ordinary. Made made with home made curry paste, yes, of course, obviously, I made the paste, how can any Kerala style fish curry be complete without coconut milk and spices, I threw in those small tiny green brinjals as well (Fish Curry Brinjal & Eggplant Saffron). Yum. Dot. Dot. Yum till finger licking good, don't forget your plate of rice, oh, you can also tuck in with toast, tosai, idli or flat bread. Go ahead, tuck in and finish every drop of this thick, creamy, delicious and spectacularly attractive Kerala Sardine Curry With Green Brinjals. 

1 can of sardines - drain off the sauce
6-8 green small brinjals - cut into two
1 medium size tomato - sliced
1 red onion - sliced thinly
1/4 cup thick coconut milk
1 tbsp thick tamarind juice 
1/4 cup oil
Salt to taste 
Curry paste (ground/blend)
3 red chillies
1 tbsp fish curry powder
(Note: adjust amount as per taste)
1 inch ginger
5 garlic
3 shallots
1 tbsp roasted coriander seeds
1/2 tbsp roasted cumin seeds
4-5 sprigs of curry leaves

Sauté onion in heated oil.
Add curry paste.
Fry and stir over low heat till oil splits.
Add brinjals and tomato.
Stir, pour tamarind juice and water (as needed).
Season with salt; continue to simmer till brinjals are almost tender.
Gently add sardines.
Cook for another 3-4 mins.
Lastly pour in coconut milk.
Stir and just after 2-3 mins, remove from heat.
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  1. minus sardine , love this dish, never heard of fish curry powder, I will use regular curry powder. tasty dish.

  2. looks delicious..would love to try..
    my recent one :Mua bb cream !!!

  3. Hi Nava, love your Kerala sardine curry. My version is to put the sauce in as well when cooking sardine curry. Very yummy. Thanks for sharing. You have a wonderful week ahead and cheers :)

  4. Looks delicious dear...drooling here :) Love it !!

  5. War u can do without curries!!
    I am a typical Indian too, just cannot do without them
    I am inviting you to enter my JollyChic Easter Giveaway

  6. I will ask my better half to try this Nava.She will only use the powder coriander and cumin seed powder.The traditional 'ammi' is not available in my house anymore.Already send to museum.

  7. the curry looks so delish..well captured.

  8. Yummy and also a colourful curry. Brinjal goes well with fish curries. I also used to add some times brinjals in fish curry. Finger licking good curry.

  9. Nava......really mouthwatering..........Feels like take some portion right now ......

  10. Great looking curry and I've never seen one with eggplant before, but it works out!

  11. Same as Linsy. Minus the sardines for me. :)

  12. wow!this looks really delicious....I always cook sardine,will see how it is with brinjals

  13. You make so many dishes and each looks yummy :)

  14. Drooling here...looks so delicious...

  15. Nava if you make such mouthwatering curries at home, you cannot blame your better half to be addicted to that. Lucky man! So much variety at the table. This curry like all others looks fabulous.

  16. Wow - this sounds so delicious! All those spices, chilies and curry leaves with the sardines makes this a true "joy for the taste buds" indeed!

  17. in fact nava i have never tried the curries with coconut milk; i am curries lover too :) shall give it a try for sure ; your recipe looks just great yummy

  18. Guess what? I've never seen green brinjals, let alone such tiny ones. Do they taste like those purple ones?

  19. a new recipe for me to try soon. looks very inviting. Never tried these combinations before. thanks for sharing

  20. Fish & brinjal Combo is my favorite too. Good Pics and Presentation.

  21. I was trying to find out what dish I could make of green brinjal and I am glad I came here this recipee looks so tempting and I am definitely following your blog for such amazing recipees.

  22. I like that you dressed up a can of sardine with so many nice flavors...
    Have a great week Nava :D

  23. looks really perfect, though we wouldn't add the green brinjals! A better combination is raw mangoes, they make such an awesome combination with fish!

  24. I followed your blog and I am your regular reader now because I just love cooking and always keep trying new recipees.

  25. looks very tempting..would love to try..

  26. Thanks for the recipe dear.. will ask my mom to make it :D

  27. This looks so delicious! I am huge seafood fan and would love to try this recipe!!!

  28. Such a tempting curry, the green brinjals are a new ingredient to me :D
    Always learn something when I come here!

    Choc Chip Uru

  29. adding green brinjals in the fish curry sounds interesting...curry looks inviting...nice presentation

  30. Hi Nava, I yet to try sardine curry. But yours definitely look appetizing... I think I need 2 plates of rice. :)) Thanks for sharing your recipe.

    Have a nice week ahead,regards.

  31. cool recipe...the addition of brinjal makes it unique!!


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