Monday, October 5, 2015

Malaysian Banana Fritters

I think, I hope so, by now you would have already found that I am the typical Malaysian foodie  (Rose Sago Gula Melaka, Wajik & Kuih Kosui). One which I have already coughed out before, maybe over and over again, additionally, as age is catching up on me, I am returning back to the basics. No more all those everything must be utmost showy and impressive. Actually, come to think of it, I have never been a bragger or showing off spoilted brat woman. What is there to brag anyway? Like what? I am the best cook, my recipes are world known, this person replicated my recipes, that person replicated my recipes, whatever I cook, everyone will praise, so on and so forth? Oh please. Honestly, I am so tired of reading such taglines in other blogs. Goodness! My ears had already fallen apart, but those people are still bragging. Anyway, let them be, for me, as age slowly trending in front of me, I have already started working on keeping all things to the simplest form. Meaning, no more stocking up things. Utensils and what not, I have started giving away. Free. Yes, free. 

Similarly, my house decor is now being simplified. No more unnecessary things. Whatever I can clear, I am clearing because I don't want to waste my time on constantly being on my toe for cleaning up. Of course, cleanliness must be upheld all the time, what I saying is that there's more to life than cleaning and cleaning. The lesser things you have, the easier cleaning is. Even cooking has been streamlined to the basics (Pompret Ginger, Tofu Soy Sauce, Lemongrass Lamb Kebab, Topioca Poriyal, Tandoori Chicken, Tomato Vegetable SoupEgg Mayonnaise). Look, I have already learned to cook all sort of complicated dishes which does require more time and ingredients (Nasi Kerabu & Pineapple Rasam). These days, the simplest easiest dishes are the main criteria (Asam Fish, Turmeric Fish & Mint Chutney). Even desserts (Mango Kulfi & Lamingtons). Take this Malaysian Banana Fritters as an example. How many ingredients do we need? 5 ingredients. The common ingredients. How to make? In a jiffy. Make the banana batter, and then pan grill, thereafter roll over fresh grated coconut. We are done, right? Of course. I know (Malaysian Banana Pancake, Banana Chocolate Cake &  Banana Bread). 

2 ripe bananas
3/4 cup cake flour. Otherwise  use all purpose flour and add a pinch of baking powder or soda
Fresh grated coconut - as needed
Sugar - as needed (any type from the normal or caster sugar)
A little oil

Mash bananas.
Combine with cake flour.
Whisk or mix well together.

Just ensure there's no lumps of flour.
Heat the portable grill and pour the little oil.
Scoop the mixture bit by bit and gently pour on the grill. 
Nicely grill on both sides.

Mix sugar and coconut together.
Roll the fritters over and tadaa!! tuck in.

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  1. best way to use over ripe bananas...

  2. looks super delicious....loved the way its rolled in coconut.....

  3. Love banana frittata and with coconut I never try but I know I will love it.

  4. Wow Nava, they are simply yummm!
    love the recipe!

  5. Nomy..... Super yum dish. Loved the recipe :)
    I am bookmarking it :D

  6. i have to try them this weekend
    Keep in touch

  7. Yummy banana fritters, love the touch of coconut on top!

  8. I love this combo. Its yummy, mouth watering :-)

  9. Oh wow... love this! We make something similar but put the coconut into that batter... love that you have pan fried it... will try...

  10. This is so so yummy banana and coconut really makes a great combination.. m really craving for this now :)

  11. Oh, i love bananas ( i am every woman too ;)).. thats a nice simple dessert :)

  12. it is some thing like kerala pazham pori !!!!!tasty


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