Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Cameron Highlands - Pahang (Nava K Travelling Gram) Day 2

Cameron Highlands and sightseeing? Of course. Without a doubt. Pretty much, and me enthusiastically looking forward to Cameron Highlands and yes, coming with it, parcelled and packaged together sightseeing. Sightseeing. Honest to goodness everyone, I so, so love sightseeing. No matter where I travel to (Bentong Pahang, Melaka & Langkawi) and the places I have in fact travelled to so far (Osaka Japan, Surakarta & Betong Thailand). Whether in country Malaysia bound or across the sea traveling. For me personally, travelling is a not a complete platform without sightseeing. Said it all supposedly. By 11.00am next morning, we hopping into the cab. Prior arrangement made the day earlier (Cameron Highlands Part 1), also, we agreeing to pay RM40.00 per hour.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Cameron Highlands - Pahang (Nava K Travelling Gram)

Cameron Highlands. Let me recall. My last trip to Cameron Highlands? Oh my goodness me mamma-mia! Back then in my teens. Like, 30 over years ago. Years and years back then. Ages ago for a fact precisely (Perak Travel). To tell you the truth, I can't even remember what I did  or where I went in Cameron Highlands. Duh! Anyway, that was then and after all these years, I returned to Cameron Highlands again. Cameron Highlands, by the way, for your information, is now a travelling show stealer (Pulau Ketam Selangor). Obviously, the travelling momentum in Cameron Highlands has picked up tremendously. I was told by my friends who have already explored Cameron Highlands that, traffic jam during public holidays, school holidays and weekends is crazily massive. Until it can halt your driving throughout this hilly, mountainous, cool and fresh weather district located in Pahang. Aside to traffic, Cameron Highlands clearly had already obtained its badge, furthermore, stamped as the escape route out of our stressful city life. Stress and city life! Tell me about it (Kuantan Pahang).

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Myanmar - Across the Border From Mae Sai

A business trip to Chiang Rai turned into the adventure of a lifetime  (COLOMBO & KANDY SRI LANKA) when I decided to squeeze in a visit to Myanmar. With no plans, I found a tour company through my hotel and jumped at the chance to join two others on a trip to Tachileik, starting from Mae Sai in Chiang Rai.

The van arrived with my new travel buddies and our Thai lady guide, a humble and amazing soul. Thrilled to explore (HOKKAIDO WANDERLUST & SAPPORO AWAITS), we headed to Mae Sai. After our guide handled the permits at the border, the real adventure began. The sun was blazing, but I didn’t care - I was too pumped. Crossing the border, I was hit by the raw energy of everyday life. People hustled about, street vendors manned their stalls, and no one gave us a second glance. Our guide filled us in on Tachileik and our stops (ALLEPPEY HOUSEBOAT & KOCHI KALEISCOPE). 

Friday, June 7, 2019

Perak Travel - Nava K Discovery (Day 2)

One of the, hard dreaded facts. I have difficulty in swallowing? When I have to digest the fact that holiday is coming to an end (Perak Travel Day 1). What else? Returning to reality. The reality to daily routine. Work, home affairs, traffic jam and the competitive, rushing city lifestyle. Honestly everyone, given a choice, 365 days travelling is my first choice. Then again? The point of thought. I am not single, I am commitment bound and money does not definitely grow on trees. Henceforth, I guess, whether we like it or not, reality has to be the acceptance. Reality by the way, for your information, mind you, sometimes, can badly bite us. Oh- Well?

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Perak Travel - Nava K Discovery

Pretty hectic, but really, really fulfilling. Me returning to my mother land (Ipoh Perak Day 1) and like on roller blades, literally, exploring as many sightseeing spots (Ipoh Perak Day 2). To tell you the truth, I actually loved every moment of it. Despite, being roasted under our Malaysian, most of the time, non-user friendly scorching hot weather. Well, in Malaysia? Either its raining and even so, must I tell you how I can still sweat and when its burn baby sun, I am soaking wet. Where to after visiting Perak Cave Temple? Gunung Lang Recreational Park. For a fact I must crown Gunung Lang Recreational Park as one of the nature pride of Ipoh. At least for someone like who love nature wonder. Mountain surrounding and lake in centrality. Lake is the first thing you will see once you park and walk. What did we do in Gunung Lang Recreational Park. Basically, 10 minutes of our time standing in front of the lakes, simultaneously, glimpsing at the surrounding. That's about it. Of course you can walk further inside through the pathway, but I really can't tell you what and what not. Most probably, nature more or most promisingly?

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Ipoh, Perak - Nava K Discovery (Day 2)

More than looked forward to, most promising, Ipoh Discovery on the first day (Day 1 Ipoh). One of those, one of the best things I suppose when you are on the go, unlike a structured itinerary in a tour, this kinda easy and free to go road trip within your country (Fraser's Hill, Pahang)? No limits or bounds? At your leisure pleasure, and we basically driving and going with the flow. Furthermore, for a fact, we actually discovering places as and when we went along. Of course, Nava K. Honestly everyone, as a hardcore avid traveller, yes I am, lemme profess, me embracing every moment of it. After all, wouldn't you agree, travelling is about capturing, seeing and appreciating places you have never been to before? Whether for the best or not so best (Betong,Thailand)? Instead of selectively picking places base on hearsay or allowing social media sharing in influencing us? Not me. Nope. Not at all. Because not necessarily other people's experiences will be the meaningful opening doors for our own travelling. Don't we all, pretty much travel for our own valid reasoning and our differential reasons most probably not applicable to others? Ditto.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Ipoh, Perak - Nava K Discovery (Day 1)


Back on the road again after lunching and “Gaharu Tea Valley, Gopeng being our first sightseeing spot. Honestly, to tell you the truth, I had no clue whatsoever what to expect. In fact, I was under the impression that its gonna be another kinda standard tea plantation. Of course, a tea valley alright, but tea made from tea leaves of Gaharu/Agarwood trees. Trees at their infant stage and those already matured. In a huge slopping up and down area and where we embarked on a guided van tour which included two stops at different heights for a higher up view from up there and for seeing what's housed within this valley. Thereafter, once we returned to the entrance, we sampled the freshly brewed tea and we couldn't also resist picking up a packet or two of Hoga Gaharu tea. Said as tea for health and I must stress that, tea tasting pretty smooth and lovely as well.     

Subsequently, from Gaharu Tea Valley to Kellie's Castle, Batu Gajah. The unfinished ruined mansion, built by Scottish planter William Kelly-Smith and if you don't know, lemme tell you that, Kellie's Castle is listed as one of the hauntings in Malaysia. Ohhhhhhh! By any chance, did  I bump into Kellie or anyone else who have joined him in heaven or hell? No. Seriously, no. But heading from one section to the other, and till the roof top alone during this quiet weekday, while every now and then, passing by one or two people? Trust me, goose bumps. That eerie feeling? Quite a ruckus scary thing actually. Otherwise, all is fairly great wondrous in this historical site, and where you can put your hand-phone or camera to good use by posing over and over, again and again for impressing your Instagram followers.  

Next stop? Taman Herba, Batu Gajah. Well, me the plant lover who insisted on seeing and digesting the facts to the various types of our Malaysian herbs. Pretty much, for me personally, an appreciated knowledge and learning thirsting visit for which you have to pay and whether you are apt for exercising your legs by walking further inside or you prefer driving through this huge nature area before existing out.   

Half an hour,  more or less in Taman Herba, before we arriving in Casuarina Meru. Booked via Agoda there and then instead of prior booking due to wanting to grab the best deal for the day. Excluding buffet breakfast though. Our room? Like any other in other reputable hotels. Clean, well maintained, ample space for two and equipped with the necessary toiletries and beverages we Malaysians always expect. Wifi on the other hand? Duh! A sad case. Crawling at its own slow speed. Thank god for my mobile data.

20 minutes for freshening up, off we left prior to stepping foot in Ipoh town by 6.00pm. Some leisure walking within as far as we could, followed by dinner in Restoran Tauge Ayam Lou Wong. Food definitely didn’t disappoint us. Ipoh Tauge and Ipoh Chicken Rice in Ipoh? A must try right? Sure. Indeed, a satisfying meal, but paying almost RM150.00 for the three of us? Honestly, we really thought it was a rip off for ½ chicken, fish ball soup, tauge soy sauce, liver soy sauce, rice and a bowl of dessert. Anyway, what could have possibly been the outcome since we have already tucked in instead of prior checking how much, roughly we will be paying? Damn! One of those con job billing I suppose. Especially if you are a tourist or because you are different skin color?

After dinner, we started walking again. This time, in and out of the shops selling cakes and food stuffs. Grabbing a few pieces of the baked goodies, we returned to the hotel before showering and calling it a night.  

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