Friday, July 8, 2016

Nuwara Eliya - Sri Lanka (Nava K Seen)

Gosh-Graciously! I slept through like a little baby for at least 4 solid hours. I did. Sincerely. Previous day of heading from one place to another (Negambo & Kandy), and for all the walking I did, inclusive of van travelling, trust me, hours in the van, sitting still or slouching till butt stiffness, can get to you as well, I think socked me up for my lullaby time. Up from bed, by 6.00am, an hour of my pleasure to showering and ensuring I am not leaving behind anything. Checked, rechecked, over and over again. Sometimes this memory failure or non-thorough checking of mine is scary. The last thing I want is forgetfulness. Especially, trust me, hand-phone, camera, laptop and for them their gadgets are the most important. Luggage locked and carried with me prior to handing over to our tour guide, and breakfast tucking in. Tentatively by 9.00am, we hit the road again on this third day.

First stop, caught me by surprise. I was not told we will be popping by into a departmental saree shop. Maybe another commission earning scheme like the one the previous day for our tour guide? Possibly. By the side of the main road, two floors I think, I can't even remember since it was no intention of mine to shop, but I did skim through the sarees and clothings mostly. Neh! Nothing badly tempted me. Like I have never been to enough saree shops? Like I am not well-versed about the difference between silk sarees, cotton sarees, costly sarees and cheap on sales sarees? Tour buddies on the other hand got busy to picking up some t-shirts, whereas the Chinese tourists were so giggly over saree tied on them. Full of giggles and also checking with their tour guide, the Sri Lankan speaking in Chinese mind you and I, standing around and watching the fun, thrown in with noticing the staff pinching themselves for sales pitching. Once tour buddies were satisfied with buying t-shirts, god, what is wrong with such people? As if there's short of t-shirts in Malaysia? I said none. I kept my mouth zipped. Not my problem to people blindly shopping.  

Our next point of sightseeing, real sightseeing, not shopping sightseeing, took place in Peradeniya Royal Botanic Gardens. Huge garden, running to acres in extent, if I am not mistaken, 147 acres, from this end till the other and various species of flowers, trees and plants, Royal Botanical Garden, built as pleasure garden by a Sinhala King and later expanded by the British, is where you can take your time, if you are asking me, of course god given and human cared for nature captivation, yet, basically another garden, to photo picture shots. As many as you like. Other than that, personally, what else should I say? Skip Royal Botanic Gardens if you wanna save your time for other interesting places. Then again, in all fairness, you can still proudly profess to everyone that you have it all at your eye sight in Royal Botanic Gardens.    

3 hours well spent, or should I say spent for the sake of spending, lunch was next, followed by an impromptu 20 minutes stop at the nursery for fun. Just plain fun of seeing the huge roses, of course, Nava K must camera capture her moments for external drive saving right? On our literary next visit to Mackwoods Labookellie Tea Centre, none of us were keen the hours. We thought we should keep the hours for Nuwara Eliya, though we did pass by for taking a broad look from the outside and roadside as a 5 minutes pit-stop.    

By 4.00pm, we had nailed Nuwara Eliya, as well as checked into Galway Forest Lodge. Luggage to the room, no lift, so you better be prepared for luggage struggling by yourself or get the help of the staff. Tea teamed alongside some local delicacies, like we always say, expect the unexpected when you least expect, what a surprise at the dining area across the lobby. Nice. I love this thing to akin high tea time. Always fancy it. Tea time for half an hour, before adjourning and stepping foot at the heart of Nuwara Eliya. I think the spot for tourists, I did notice quite a good number of local too. Nuwara Eliya? Perhaps you should close your eyes for imagining you are in our Cameron Highlands or Frasers Hill. Somewhat the chilly climate, not till shivering your bones regardless, against the backdrop of mountains, obviously, nature nice. Just plain simple highland surrounding for you to inhale, I think so, fresh air and leisure walking, simultaneously scenery gazing. Since we didn't know what else to do next, we paid and and hopped into the boat for lake riding. Appreciated ride. First towards the end of the lake and then about u-turn. End of story to Nuwara Eliya sightseeing. That's it? Duh! What a mistake of cancelling tea plantation visit, hoping we can wander lust more in Nuwara Eliya. Duh!

To the hotel and food by the hotel, specifically prepared for the 5 of us and prior to heading to my room, I was reminded to request for a portable heater for keeping me warm in my colonial style, facing the vegetable plantation livelihood room. My room gave me comfort. Sincerely diviners. Clean, spacious, carpeted and rustic colors coordinated interestingly.  

After showering, hell hack for finding out wifi can only be jump started at the lobby, not enough, sleep played major sparks on me. Sparking me for alerting my eyes like bright lights, maybe brighter than the room lights I must leave on when I say alone. Tossing and turning throughout the night, eventually I dozed off. Maybe two hours most to most.

To be continued. 

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