Thursday, July 28, 2016

Galle - Sri Lanka (Nava K Seen)

Bags packed and loaded into the van before our morning meal in Katagarama. The daily standard routine I suppose unless you are staying put in the same hotel. We in fact, from day one, have been packing daily for heading to one place from the other and from one hotel to the next for the past 3 days (Nurwara Eliya, Kandy Negambo). Mind you, I was already feeling it. Bags packing daily, the long hours to road travelling and sleeping while travelling, like I have already told you, is not my best friend. Let alone during this trip, gosh, the group I was with? The senior citizens and their dramas. Not a shocker actually. I have encountered such people before. But this group, by far, is the worst lot. So claiming they have travelled the horizon, over and over speaking about how extensively they have travelled, yet complaining non stop. One moment this, next minute that, blah-blah-blah, so on and so forth, tipping every Tom, Dick and Harry for no apparent reason, as though trying to show off, feeling sorry for every person we came across and trust me, a whole more stuffs I don't think I should waste me telling you. God! The worst part of it all was, two of them shouting and screaming at each other because they couldn't decide which room to opt for, for their night together. Lesson learned from these people? Not everyone is made to travel, it really matters who you travel with, you can have the money, but if you don't have the right attitude, you will ruin other people's travelling joy, maybe its age and grumpiness too and never ever, if you still must share room, make sure you know the person well. 

Another temper loudness raptured this morning during breakfast. No doubt, I agree, service was slow. Yet, unless you are dying of hunger, can't you like wait? In all fairness, if you are asking, I think it was worth the wait for the freshly cooked breakfast. Another delicious meal from the land of Sri Lanka. My-my, coconut sambol, or chutney along puttu/steamed rice cake and fish curry blew me of apart. Simply so fab to my tastes. In the end, the one who sulked the most literally forced herself to smile after tucking in. She agreed. She praise the food. Only if she would have shut her mouth to complaining? My morning would have been a favourable happy start instead of her black face gloominess. 

Into the van thereafter for our approximately 3 hours journey, I loved the quick stops at the beautiful, mesmerising and wondrous beaches. The hell hack 20 minutes at the souvenir shop on the other hand was a waste of my time. Nevertheless, passing by some of the significant buildings, including the church and monument erected after the massive Tsunami and seeing how Sri Lankans go about their daily lives made it up. Live experiences which only comes by when you travel and for putting the thought across for appreciating your people and your country. 

Up next, lunch and by late afternoon, we stepped foot in Galle Fort. UNESCO World Heritage site and located in Bay of Galle on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka. Galle Fort, once the chief port of Ceylon, was originally built by the Portuguese and later extended by the Dutch in 1663. Reaching the height of its development in the 18th century before the British arrived, Galle Fort is the best example of a fortified city built by Europeans in South and South-East Asia for showcasing the interaction between European and South Asian architectural styles. Galle Fort for your information also withstood the Boxing Day tsunami which damaged part of Galle town coastal area. 


A free and easy scroll and walk for the next, most to most 20 minutes within where Galle Fort is and along the narrow streets, subsequently, we paid US5.00 for entering Maritime Archaeology Museum. Basically for killing time in hand. Reopened as the country’s first National Maritime Archaeology Museum on March 2010 and after suffering from the December 2014 Tsunami, it's original Dutch warehouse building was fully renovated under a special grant from the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Dual access now, the upper level entry linked to the present main gate, whereas lower level access reinstating the position of building as a prominent gateway. Apart from housing exhibits of marine artefacts found in underwater explorations, there are maps, naval craft, ropes, earthenware, beer mugs, smoking pipes, barrels, vast amount of articles including artillery guns and sailor shoes. These artefacts, some of which nearly are 800 years old were recovered from ship wrecks from the sea off the Southern coast. Worth the visit? Sure, why not? For history buffs like me.   

Thereafter, we took an impromptu tea break. Somewhere along the way, I can't tell exactly where, along the road side and in an unassuming eatery. Sri Lankan Egg Appam paired along fish curry and spicy coconut sambal. Sri Lankan coconut sambal, on the whole, be prepared for your mouth to fall apart. Hell of spiciness until your throat and mouth can be blistered.  

What transpired next? Change of plan for hotel. Why? I really don't know why. Instead of the hotel we were scheduled for, we stepped foot in Kurundu Villa Koggala. Like another resort style setting, beach across the far end, lovely, but packed like beehive by mostly Westerners. Sri Lanka by this day was proven as a favourite spot for Westerners. Loads of them, mind you. Especially at sightseeing hot spots and do I have to tell how sea is so loved by Westerners? My room, goodness gracious, a doomer! Damn cramped, no outside view unless I open my door. I actually felt as though I am in a hell hole. Speak about the filth of sand? All over the floor, additionally, clogging up the sink and bathroom. Dirty linens and pillow covers as well. Disgusting. Did I have a choice? Unfortunately no. My request for changing room did not materialise due to full house and my attempt for my room cleaning fall on deaf ears. My tour buddies I thought were better off. Room facing the beach, but when I was told about bed bugs, oh-lord. Lucky me. Still, the concept to dining as one big happy family amongst the misbehaving and pushing people to the buffet dinner was too much for me to handle. I ate so little, I locked myself in my room and forced sleep over me. I don't think I slept, up by 4.00am, I showered and waited for breakfast. Thank god crowd was under control for breakfast.   
Meal tucked into, time for our finale route to Colombo.     

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