Saturday, September 17, 2016

Noboribetsu - Hokkaido, Japan (Winter Time)

Pop-Yeehah-Yeehah! Here we are coming to winter lust over you Noboribetsu. Indeed. A day in Noboribetsu is indeed the day today. Up from bed, shower time, winter clothing covered from top to toe and breakfast (Hokkaido Japan & Chitose & Hokkaido), off we left for our said destination. Taking a comfort break in between our one hour plus journey, of course much needed mainly for easing ourselves. Winter and often loo calling seemingly is something I can't put two and two together. Then again, even during normal weather, water drinking while travelling is a required unspoken rule for keeping hydrated and mind you, oh-boy, Chinese people can really drink up. Notably amongst our tour buddies, we the only two Indian skin also realise that water drinking is quintessential particularly during winter for preventing skin drying out and flaking. 

Our twenty minutes break which took place inside and outside one of the stores along the way, against the mountainous snow luscious backdrop, no doubt got me trembling, but a cuppa of coffee sipping and allowing my mind to wonder far and beyond lemme tell you was a sheer wondrous memorable part of this day. Such a joy I really can't explain in words, and one which will remain within me for the longest time especially whenever I reflect back on Hokkaido. Like they say, sometimes its the small unexpected things while travelling tandem which ultimately becoming the worthiness instead of major achievements you actually go through. Don't you agree? Of course. Infinitely.    
Hopping back into the coach for journey continuing, we then stepped foot at the entrance of Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura Village. Within an interaction of winter nature and god given natural Hokkaido beauty, Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura Village, a 25 year old theme park historically associated with Edo Period highlight (1603-1867) is one of the most attractive Japanese era. Whereby Emperor Meiji took power for putting an end to Samurai controlled Shogunate rule and naming it Edo. By far, the given old name of Japan and for being the capital of Japan during this era. Standing proud as a must do in Hokkaido due to its distinctive structure and landscape, Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura Village in a well maintained ground is utterly admirable. As if made in heaven for candid posey-mosey. Of course I did my share of camera clicking as well, thereafter we made our way into the quite dark and gloomy Ninja Maze/House. Oh hell hack once we entered one the rooms where panels started twisting and floor began slanting left and right. God! Literally rocking us back and forth, honestly, if we didn't hand hold each other, goodness, the consequences would have been, you tell me please? Did I enjoy it? NO! Imagine if by any chance I really had slipped, fallen and injured myself? Nonsense. 

Out of Ninja Maze/House, thankfully, I hurriedly ran into the nearby wooden hut for body warming by sitting close to the kerosene lamps. Damn! Death deifying Hokkaido winter. I hated it. Seriously, so bloody cold until trust me, I almost cried. Just wondering how on earth people survive in such an unruly winter? Beats me. Gaining my composure, next was standing in the queue for the said as winter limited addition Samurai Show. Promising start. Action of swordplay and sword heroes, but within 10 minutes most to most, boredom kicked in. I felt as though I am watching the same action reaction over and over again. Duh! Whatever. No escape route for me till showtime ended while the rest of tourists were really glued to the stage.

Following the line of people, next was sitting on the floor and watching Oiran Show in the other theater.  Definitely a whole lot better compared to the sword men flying and mouth action too, Oiran show depicting the Edo social life of Oiran concubines and merry making by audience participation did inject some fun and laughter. Alright. Awarded a pass by Nava K.

Struggling to stand up after 40 minutes of my ass on the hard floor, oh-no, all cramped up, we headed to the close-by restaurant. Back again to another piping hot and self service cook your own meal steamboat alongside rice, porridge and drinks. Honestly, I didn't mind. Appreciated nice meal for winter warming.  

Subsequently, after food tucking and spending sometime outside the restaurant, we headed and landed in Bear Park (Lion Park Johannesburg), located in Noboribetsu Onsen-Cho and while unbearable winter madness playing sparks until I couldn't help but shiver and tremble literally. I thought. Gone for me. I am gonna be buried in Hokkaido. Yet, I had no other choice. Gripping my other half-half as tight as possible, I managed my way via the cable car for reaching the 550 height mountain top and 20 stairs walking up. Nothing no more for me except dashing into the indoor "Brown Bear Museum" instead of viewing the different spices of bears outside. "Brown Bear Museum", the only bear specialist museum in the world and housing 500 pieces of varying specimens of bear's biological and historical information was not a letdown. Honestly. Quite a knowledgeable experience and also for our own only two of us lovey-dovey moment of ours.  


Two hours in bear park, on our way to the hotel, we stopped by in a hypermarket for retail therapy. I basically just picked up a few boxes of chocolates whereas the rest frantically shopped on other food stuffs as well.

Indeed, a mild jump start to shopping while we were told more is lined up for the next few days, by 7.00pm, we were already in Hotel Maharoba and upon entering our room, we were lost why there's no bed and whether we will be sleeping on the floor. News later came to inform us that the traditional Japanese bedding/Futon comprising of a quilted mattress will be laid when we return to the room after dinner. Oh, what a relief!. The other concept to wearing a kimono for dinner wasn't something we were keen about, but I guess we went with the flow for the sake of staying together lovingly as one understanding tour group.  

And dinner? Perhaps one of the biggest seafood buffet. All sorts of seafood, including steamed huge crab legs and crabs by themselves for pigging out as much as you can go. Of course, there were also other items like desserts and what not, we ate for hunger filling instead of monstrously eating like the family we were seated with. Gross! No table mannerism kinda people. Nevertheless, I think they were getting their money's worth?

Next came the moment of truth. Onsen nude bath? Did I opt for it? I actually chickened out despite being coaxed. I didn't dare neither did my other half-half. We in fact returned to our room and idled our time away until it was time to call it a night.  


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