Saturday, July 15, 2017

Melaka - Jonker Walk (Part 1)

Not many friends can be your great, maybe not even accommodating travel companions. Why go so far, sometimes, even our love broadest band width can also be tested when we travel together. I personally know of courting couples who broke up after their first love travel because something snapped somewhere. Anyway, nothing is shocking anymore. Love is fragile, relationship is equally a turmoil and travelling with family members is the other to tolerating all sorts of bizarre characters, speak about money which is never sunny, if not for all, but for some who prefer to travel at our expense. Tell me all about it please? That’s why, remember I told you why I am standing tall with my principle of travelling alone (Travelling Solo When You Are Married). 

Remember too, there's always choices in life, and choices may not necessary be about sitting on your ass and awing, supporting and encouraging social media female friends who travel alone, when in actual fact, you may not dare to do it on your own. Of course, I do understand. I know that its a quite a thing actually travelling alone because we basically fear the unknown. But once you have had enough of putting up with nonsense people, which presumably will happen once you have matured in your thoughts, behavior and attitude, you will, I bet, want to break free by spreading your own solo travelling wings.

I actually enjoy my moments of travelling alone (Solo Travel To Bangkok) or the only people I have clicked so far is the husband and wife team I met during my solo tour travel to Cambodia/Vietnam. Its rather easy-preasy with this couple, though I admit it can get a little edgy every now and then. Nevertheless, we can put our differences aside, more importantly, money has never been an issue for us. We either pool some money, call it the “rolling fund”, or they pay first, and later, at the end of the trip, bill is split by three. Easy right? Sure. I like it that way too instead of you pay, I pay, we pay and later, getting petty-dirty-nitty-gritty in summing up the total amount. 

So far so good, touch wood, we have traveled to Chiang Mai/Chiang Rai/Myanmar, Kerala and Sungkai. Two months back, we embarked on this “here we come” Melaka, Jonker Walk 2 days 2 nights weekday stay-cation. My second time in Melaka, the previous one was 5 years ago. Seldom is my call-card to the same destination, but since there's much more to explore in Melaka, since I was literally almost going mad with my mundane boring daily grind, and that I also badly needed a short breather, away from my other half-half, as long as I can get out of my house, nava-k is in full force joy to the world.  

On the road from Petaling Jaya, a coffee break called for in between and thanks to Waze for guiding us to The Pines Hotel (Jalan Tun Sri Lanang). Supposedly one of the best hotels in Melaka according to our mutual friend who have stayed in this hotel before. We however were not keen after checking out their rates and after being told that it will take us at least 15 minutes to Jonker Walk. At this juncture, instead of straightaway re-routing to Jonker Walk, because hunger pangs had already cranked us up, the eateries across the hotel at once drew our attention. Within less than 5 minutes, we were seated at Riz Cafe. Service came with a smile, but at its dainty speed, we ordered and waited for another 5 minutes before tucking into the Malay Style Chicken Noodle Soup and Nasi Goreng Ayam Goreng/ Fried Chicken Fried Rice alongside the spicy soy sauce chilli dip, washed down with lime juice, sirap and cincau. Hearty satisfying meal.  

Back on the road again, we surfed for hotels in Jonker Walk and seemingly Jonker Boutique Hotel was the spot-on. Spacious car park at the back entrance, Nyonya heritage, cosy and homey deco, equally impressive inside dining area especially, and our family suite, oh-my-marvelous. Utterly fantastic. Two double beds, equipped with everything you need for a relaxing comfortable stay and the bathroom, oh-pow-wow! Half a room size, super clean, containing a separate shower area, all the necessary toiletries and a long bath. The only thing, not a big deal by the way, it would been nice if suite came with a balcony, or patio area or windows for Jonker Walk view. Still, we couldn't stop raving about Jonker Boutique Hotel, ushered in politely and coming with it lime juice. 

Putting our things aside, we then started walking towards the left side of Jonker Walk. Nothing really much on our mind at this time, neither nothing in particular we looked forward to. Just like that, a leisurely walk to check out the shops. By the way, only half of the shops were open on this Wednesday.
Our first food spotting was Buah Melaka/Ondeh-Ondeh Cinderella. Why Cinderella? Don't ask me. I don't know. Made there and then, right in front of you, ondeh-ondeh Malacca was nice. Malacca fresh coconut and Malacca palm sugar of course spoke louder in tastes. Nibbling these small pandan flavoured dough, cooked in hot water till they float up and then rolled over coconut, it’s a pop and burst of palm sugar once your bite in. Nice. Nevertheless, ondeh-ondeh wasn't sensational. Basically, just nice.

Thereafter, we turned back and continued walking while pausing for a few minutes in front of the fenced up "Makam Hang Kasturi" and "Tian Hou" temple. Returning back to Jonker Boutique Hotel, we showered, hopped into the cab, arranged by the hotel for the drive to Portuguese Settlement. Stay tuned!  

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