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Chennai (South India) - Nava K Explored

Chennai! Welcome to noise, pollution, traffic jam honking and honking non-stop, and the crazy hustle and bustle of daily life. Chennai! Where smile is like a rare commodity as well. Duh! What a life. The cut and dry Chennai culture. Unlike in Malaysia. Though, I must admit, its a mad life in our Malaysian cities too. Yet. Chennai life. Far out, the shocking shocker rocker, which really shook me and believe me you, never ever will I even consider uprooting my Malaysian roots to be planted in Chennai, or anywhere in South India (Madurai/Trichy). Of course, without a doubt, Chennai has made its mark as a popular holidaying and shopping destination amongst Malaysian Indians. Especially the shopping obsession in Chennai. As if, come of it guys, as if we are short of those things you can buy in Chennai and mind you, sometimes, some things are actually cheaper in Malaysia due to our Malaysian traders importing in bulk. In return, we paying a better price. Then again? Why bother putting sense to those who think they know better? I won't anyway. No doubt, maybe for certain items, like sarees, there's millions of choices in Chennai. Otherwise? I rest my case.

Now, let me tell you about my two days in Chennai. Where fashion style is only saree or  Kurti, and rare is the style to jeans, pants and t-shirts. Therefore, when you are in Chennai. Please. Unless you won't mind joining the South Indian ladies whose flesh and skin, literally protruding, handing and dangling from their sarees and saree blouses. Supposedly, Chennai decent dressing. Mmmm! Anyway, after breakfast, on this Saturday, we stepping foot in Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple. Saturday or whatever day or whatever time of the day, holiness in South India? Everyday and every hour is god's day. Right. Religionism! Yes. We in Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple alongside the holy crowd for seeking blessings from god and and please, don't ask me about gods. I told you before? I am not the most holy-yes grain, though of course, I believe in god.

Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple checked, followed by in Shree Sai Baba Temple. Not a Sai Baba devotee me, but any god, in this case, even Sai Baba, the messenger of god, still a respect for my religion. In fact, no matter where and whichever god or disciple of god, I pay homage to.

Up next. Marina Beach. The longest natural beach in India. So sad. Marina Beach broke and crumbled my heart. As much as I looked forward to, what a sad looking beach. Speak about this filthy polluted beach. Nothing much speakable actually. I still walked though. Not really close to the beach, but somewhat from a distance for viewing and then, I walked further up and up to still in the making "Puratchi Thalaivi Amma Dr. J. Jaya" Memorial, whist passing by the monument and the, many of the road side cart traders.

Thats it. That's about it for Chennai sightseeing, before shopping in Chennai or Chennai shopping in Forum Vijaya Mall. Yea. I did pick up some stuffs. Natural organic skincare in India (Kodaikanal). Must buy. They are absolutely suited to my skin and for my marriage love, a pair of slippers for my other half-half. Mainly, to curb the guilty feeling in me. Coming this far and not getting anything for him (Mysore/Coimbatore).

Lunch. KFC India in Forum Vijaya Mall. Another sad matter. No set meals like the ones we get in Malaysia. No coleslaw, no whipped potato, smaller chicken pieces and the best part of it all, no chilli sauce. Damn!

What else in Chennai on this first day? Back to S hotel by 4pm. I had enough. Enough of shopping for the day. The rest? They couldn't curb their shopping enthusiasm. Off for more shopping. Me? Sitting back in my room and for dinner, room service. Fish curry alongside rice, which gave me the runs. Bloody spicy blistering my throat, tongue and tummy fish curry. Thankfully, the run to the toilet was just once. Otherwise. Thankfully too, I carried charcoal tables for the in case run matter.

End of day one in Chennai. Next morning, after breakfast, me heading with the rest to T Nagar. What a mess. The rain mess creating such a mess. Water splashing, and like I have to repeat myself again. Chennai traffic and human traffic as well. Walking in and out of the departmental stores, I then decided to venture on my own for gold buying in the 4 floors gold shop. Two gold nose rings, after which, meeting the two ladies I was with for lunch in Sivagangai Karuppiah Mess. Nothing profound. Nothing to shout about. Just a meal for our hunger. Another ordinary South Indian meal.

Sivagangai Karuppiah Mess and their dessert. Rasamalai and Gulam Jamun. I say nothing. I have nothing much, pretty much to say.

Over. Time out from T Nagar, back to hotel and by late evening, bye-bye to Chennai and South India. Over as well. My Cinderella time over as well (Bangalore/Bengaluru) the moment I touched my Malaysian ground. Back to washing, cleaning, cooking and the wife to being there for my other half-half.  Pretty much back to reality before I start saving again for the next trip. India again. This time, North India in December. 


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