Thursday, May 24, 2018

Yogyakarta Day 2 - From Nava K To You

Eventually and finally. My lifelong, for the years I have been stalling mission, my many years put on hold mission eventually became reality. Borobudur (Borobudur & Yogyakarta Travel Guide) finally, yippee-yeh, listed as an achievement on my travelling wonder lust. What’s the big deal, are you asking me? Excuse me? Of course, it is definitely a big deal for an average ordinary Malaysian like me. Malaysians like me, we not only juggle between our high daily financial commitment and monthly cost of living, we mind you, have to provide for our aged parents and siblings who are money dependent on us as well. Only thereafter, anything extra we struggle to save bit by bit is kept aside as our money revenue for exploring the world.Trust me, unlike our current generation who are money pampered and money handed out in a silver platter by parents, or dolls who hassle money from sugar daddies, for us, in our fifties, its our hard earned precious money. Money by right we should be keeping aside for our old age instead of travel spending because, as I have already said before (Attractions In Penang), expect no much from children who won't hesitate dumping you when you can't fan for yourself, Sadly, this is the reality bullet from our supposedly educated, professional and earning well Generation Y.     

Borobudur undoubtedly, lemme tell you did put a broad smile on my face albeit sunrise watching by wee hours waking up basically I think is over-rated. Better for you to opt for sunset watching if its offered. Then again, like I always say, nothing is an absolute lost when our travelling gram is a concern. Whatever experience, the expected or unexpected is still an experience we must treasure, don’t you agree? Otherwise, our travelling learning curve will never take place. Borobudur topic, oh my goodness, there was no end, as if we have conquered the world, throughout our journey and till arrived in Pawon/Pawon Temple.
Located in Central Java and within a travelling distance of 2 kilometers from Borobudur, Candi Pawon, a small Buddhist temple which draws tourists due to its fascinating impressive structure, evidently or supposedly was once a royal tomb, but who is or are buried beneath its soil is still inconclusive. Should you include Candi Pawon in your Yogyakarta tripping package? Why not? Whether your jaw will aw drop nor, I can’t speak on your behalf, yet I must pin Candi Pawon as a must do.

Candi Pawon over and done, we then visited a nearby village where we firstly watched Palm Sugar/Gula Melaka making. Sap collected from flowers buds of palm sugar and simmered, boiled and stirred in a wok over heat for leaving behind a thick sweet syrup. Notably an interesting experience, nevertheless not something I am not aware about because our Malaysian palm sugar is no less any inferior.

Subsequently, we walked further inside for making our way into the, call it a mini factory cum cafĂ© for the produce of Luwak Coffee from, point blank said, shit of luwak/civet cat. Basically coffee cherries eaten by Luwak and then collected from their shit. Known as the most expensive coffee in the world, to those of you who have ventured to Bali, I bet you would have already found out that Luwak Coffee is one of the fame attractions, most probably, throughout Indonesia whole. 

I, I must also mentioned that I have had my fair share of Bali Luwak Coffee and on this day, I yearned for the same cuppa which was shared between my two tour buddies. Is Luwak Coffee as fab as being told? Oh-yes, especially for coffee lovers like me, but honestly, whether it is sensational and best amongst the rest, I am still disputing. Did I buy back the beans? No. God! Come to think about it, its kinda quite disgusting.  

Next after our Indonesian Coffee Culture was our moment in Mendut Village where we walked past the big banyan tree and towards Candi Mendut. An ancient ninth-century Buddhist Temple in a large field, Candi Mendut, positioned in a straight line relative to Borobudur and Candi Pawon is where you should climb the stairs for seeing the three large and well preserved Buddha statues. Also, for browsing through the meaningful reliefs and cravings decorating the exterior staircase and walls. Candi Mendut obviously will take you back down the memory lane as another historic sight in Jogyakarta.

Those petty traders who will literally irritate the daylights and run after you as you are head out of Mendut Village I guess you just have to ignore. If you don’t want to buy, just politely decline or ignore them or bargain till you drop in case you feel you should contribute to their rice bowl earning. Where to next after Candi Mendut for us? I'll tell you in my next Jogyakarta pitching.  


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