Monday, August 21, 2017

Melaka - Jonker Walk (Part 2)

Malaysians I think are a peculiar lot. Don't get me wrong. Please don't get all worked and throw slippers at me. I know how emotional we Malaysians can get even on the most tiniest things. I am in no way generalising, neither am I pointing fingers at anyone in particular. Then again, if the cap fits, please wear it instead of being in denial. Consequentially, I must speak about the rich and famous or Malaysians who like to be known as rich, I shouldn't even care less about Malaysians who have migrated. Like they say, don't bite the hand that fed you, well and good for those who have migrated. I can understand. The grass always look greener on the other side or because Malaysia is a chicken feet. Hopefully, I sincerely hope I won't see my friends returning back to Malaysia as asylum seekers, sooner or later. Especially those who not only can't stop bragging about how life is far better in US or Australia, apart from that, keep condemning and criticizing Malaysia, so sad for these small minded people who fail to accept the fact that life sucks throughout the world.  

You seriously wanna know what is wrong with those who maybe are really rich or pretending to be rich Malaysians who can afford to travel out of Malaysia? Mentality problem. Basically, they are mind fixed. They feel that in-bound country holiday is rubbish compared to blowing big hot air balloon (Hot Air Balloon Turkey) on countries they have stepped foot. Like they care if Ganges river is filthy polluted, of course no harm done in wanting to be holy, I sure want to see Ganges, but dipping in Ganges to get closer to god is unbelievable. Holy crab! Why not dip in Port Dickson, oh, I forgot Port Dickson is only for the poor Malaysians. I've been told millions of times that there is nothing in Port Dickson. China of course is ever atop the travel list. The best tourist destination. Spit at your whims and fancy, literally anywhere and please tuck into artificial eggs or cabbage. 

However, the moment I mention Penang Thaipusam, I am told that god is only in India. In temples where you stand in long queue before dawn, get pushed aside by enforcement or pay to see god (Trivandrum Kerala). Malacca River Cruise too is not good enough compared to cruises in other countries. Oh please, are you kidding me? Look, even someone like me who have experienced Venice Gondola Ride, Ayutthaya Cruise, Mandurah Cruise, Halong Bay Cruise, Bophorus Cruise, Fjord Cruise, Chiang Rai Golden Triangle Boat Ride and Alleypey Boat Ride can vouch that Melaka River Cruise is one of the best among the rest. How dare Malaysians who have not even tried Melaka River Cruise label it as smelly and dirty? Sure, I agree, its smelly, but I did have the best moments of my life. This time when I back in Melaka, I made sure the couple must do it as well. Wait, hang there there, hold on to your horses. I'll speak on Malacca River Cruise in Part 3. .  

Coming back to this Melaka trip, I doubt if I actually slept in Jonker Boutique Hotel (Melaka - Jonker Walk Part 1 & Melaka Portuguese Settlement). Maybe I did, most probably a nava-k catnap, sleeping in a new environment, mind you, is forever a "doomer" for me. Moreover, when free snoring music is automatically piped-out from people who share room with you, you will imagining that you are actually experiencing Night Safari trail. Roar! Anyway, by the time I came down to the dining area by 9.00am next morning, the couple had already tucked into toast and coffee. Bread when travelling? Goodness! As it I can’t shallow bread even at home, the moment we started walking towards the shops across, I  have aimed at Wanton Mee in Heng Huat Kopitiam.
We walked in, sure enough, simply irresistible Wanton Mee, which was also recommended by the Chinese couple who were seated across us. Supposedly different compared to the normal tossed in a dark sauce Wanton Noodle, this gusty Babi/Pork Chilli Wanton Mee on the other hand is tossed in a home made dry style chilli dip. Seemingly one of a kind, an explosion of chilli power, don't be shy in asking for more chilli dip before tipping it on the plate of noodles or roll noodles over it prior to eating, washed down with plain pure black coffee or tea. Lip Smacking!  

Tummy heartily tucked, we then leisurely walked towards the left while passing by Cheng Hoon Teng Temple and Xiang Li Si Buddhist Temple and the moment we walked further up, we arrived in front of Sri Poyatha Venayagar Moorthi Temple. Another historical temple, dating back to many years, I walked in and prayed. How can I not possibly said a prayer or two? Remember I am an Indian? I must pray and I must been seen in a temple. Otherwise, the Indian community, most probably, I bet will classify me as a Hindu traitor. Prayers are a must, nevermind if we cheat, lie, back stab each other or commit white collar or blue collar crime. 

10 minutes of prayers, enough for me, we then shopped at the one of the traditional provisions shops. Belacan Powder, Nyonya Curry Powder, Gula Melaka and spices. Ever since I semi-retired,  I seem only interested in buying ingredients because my kitchen is my best friend. Next, I bought a shorts and t-shirt at one of the retail outlets. I had to buy. I completely forgot to pack my dirty faded home t-shirt and shorts for sleeping. The previous night I had no choice but sleep by wrapping the blanket instead of dirty exposing myself to the couple.

Jonker Walk is also, indeed, unanimously a food haven too. Flooded with pastry, cake and confectionery shops along the whole street. Small road side stalls and big popular known outlets. A must buy in Jonker Walker is Pineapple Tarts, we did sample but we agreed that buying can be done later today or before returning home. After all, we will still be lingering in Jonker Walk and not any further. 

After walking up and down Jonker Walk for at least 3 hours, we returned to Jonker Hotel to put our things and then came the moment for deciding if we want to stay in this same hotel or switch. I of course was the hero who suggested that we should venture to other overnights. So, within the next half an hour, we walked from one end of Jonker Walk to the other for viewing a couple of home stays. Sadly, nothing impressive. Nothing luring. Home stays are definitely cheaper compared to hotels, go ahead if you won't question cleanliness and privacy. Some of these home stays are pretty decent, no doubt, the rest were akin a dungeon, whereas we couldn't view the famed one because the care taker refused to allow us in. Instead, we were told to book online. Go to hell! Like we don't have choices or we will end up sleeping on the streets? What puzzled me further is that some of the home stays names apparently are synonymous. Heeren or Heraan? Whatever, thank you to all of it. We were not interested. 

Next change - Jonker Walk Part 3. 

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