Thursday, June 14, 2018

Mount Merapi Jeep Tour - Jogyakarta, Indonesia (From Nava K To You)

Adventurous exciting one hack of a hack Yogyakarta jeep sightseeing tour. Loved it to every bit of its core until its still memorable till this day as I pitch my this travelling gram. Mount Merapi Jeep Tour, in case you don’t know or you have not heard of, is a must do. No matter what, I suggest you include it if you have come this far to this part of the world. Trust me, you won’t regret because each and every moment you ponder back on your Jogyakarta travel tripping, I can assure you that Mount Merapi Jeep Tour will pop up on your mind. Utterly, my one of the best among the rest of my treasured lifetime experience. Wee hours conquered and broken in Borobudur Temple, followed by other eye catching sightseeing segments (Jogyakarta Day 2Borobudur & Yogyakarta Day 1), subsequently,  Mount Merapi Jeep Tour wild card pulled out from the rest of the itinerary cards the moment we arrived at the not really a big open space where we hopped into the jeep. Three to a jeep for kick starting our one and a half hours Mount Merapi Jeep Tour. For those of you who will be doing your own free and easy sightseeing instead of like our tour package, you also have to decide between the different jeep tour packages, of course, money paying simultaneously.  
Nothing no time wasted within the next five minutes most to most, this diesel noising and body bouncing, shaking and rocking us ride shot of as we held tight to the bars at the side and jeep atop. Better save than never right? Of course. So, please grip tight to the bars. Unless you purposely want to fly out and land on the dusty road which is definitely the route towards the higher levels, up and away towards Mount Merapi. 

Nevertheless, rest assured. As long as you remain calm, non-fidgety and put your trust at the skills of the jeep driver, believe me, everything will fall in place as planned. Additionally, please come prepared by sunblock loading yourself and carry water for thirst quenching because Indonesia and its massively blistering heat throughout this ride, inclusive of the three stops I know will sweat you profusely. 
Museum Mini Sisa Hartaku
First stop at first after the first approximately twenty minutes or so where I automatically crowned myself as Ninja-Jo-Nava due to anyone for the matter can bite the dust. God! Madness. Thereafter, Ninja-Jo-Nava walked her legs into the confined within a small space Museum Mini Sisa Hartaku for viewing as well as digesting the facts to nature seismic fault lines being the possible faultiness for Mount Merapi vomiting fire and aftermath lashing. Honestly, mind and heart touching and wrecking. Humans taken to heaven whereas whatever could be salvaged displayed in Museum Mini Sisa Hartaku.  

Alien Stone
The next stop for seeing Alien Stone. Alien Stone? Don’t ask me why and why not about this huge black stone bolstered and thundered during Mount Merapi eruption. Am I suppose to agree alien stone resembles a face? Honestly, no comments. You tell me then. I sincerely couldn’t figure out because alien stone didn’t stare at me, nor vice-versa. 

Final stop. Bunker is basically the spot where people took shelter for escaping volcanic ash during Mount Merapi 2010 eruption. Sadly, all perished and bunker is now a monument memorial for honouring those who died. Located 3 meters underground, layered with 25cm thick iron and bunker buried when the last 1000 degrees Celsius eruption took place. To tell you the truth, there is nothing much to see. Except going down the staircase for bunker seeing and coming with it, as far as you are willing to walk surrounding area. On your way out before hopping back into the jeep, you can grab some souvenirs, snacks and drinks from the small stores you will be passing by.

All in all, for me personally, Mount Merapi Jeep Tour indeed is a Jogyakarta traveling winner. Not because of the sightseeing, but because of the rough and tough ride itself. Of course undeniably, the stops will automatically light up the inner reality button of you for appreciating your natural disaster free country. Imagine? Can you imagine how tragic it will be losing your love ones and everything else to earthquakes? 

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