Thursday, April 19, 2018

Borobudur - Yogyakarta (From Nava K To You)

12am to 3am. 3 hours of Nava K’s cat nap. Fairly fair I suppose. As it is, sleeping is hell for me on most days, sometimes, every now and then, its no doubt an appreciated my bed at home heaven, but no matter what, no matter how many times I sleep alone while travelling, this madness of scary shit sleeping alone is still bitchy. Nevertheless, the few hours of to and fro from Malioboro Street (Yogyakarta Indonesia), forget not I was up from bed so early for catching my flight and trust me, in and out of airports can get tiring as well, I think did justice for sleep knocking me. Jumping out of bed at the ring of my phone almost instantly, worried if I will keep the rest waiting, I showered, I sipped into the coffee at my own service in my room and I came down to the lobby where I collected the packed breakfast. Sandwiches and some cut fruits in a plastic container. No buffet breakfast on this day because we had to depart by 4.00am for Borobudur Sunrise Watching. And so we did. Sharp on the dot, maybe give in and gave, our 45 minutes journey, approximately, to Central Java landed us in Borobudur.  

Darkness swarmed and dimmed lights for guiding us, additionally, a tiny torchlight given, we carefully walked within this huge, well maintained park-like setting and nature splendidly ushering each and every tourist like us from all over the world, towards Borobudur Temple. What irked me while walking alongside the rest of the tourists, actually, nothing to do with me, neither should I open my big fat mouth, I still couldn't help but wonder what is wrong with these skimpily dressed dollings? Bra-less, two piece belly pierced revealing clothes and ass-showing hot pants, as if they are heading to the beach. You mean they didn't know Borobudur is where god is? Then again, who am to educate these people nor dressing code is one of the rules and regulations. All I can say is that these are the sad and pathetic cases.  
Our walk which by far is quite a long walk, our bags screened as well, eventually led us to Borobudur temple. Nevermind to walking, speak about climbing the steep stone steps? Duh! I had to stop a couple of time for catching my breath, but when you are climbing alongside much more older people than you, mostly Westerners, a cheerful lot too, you will, believe me, accomplish your mission of atop climbing. Standing at that height, we blankly stared at the sky above for the next hour. Hopes, really ran high, high up towards the sky, in fact literally dashing, for viewing the broad spectrum of rising sun. Honestly, I really didn’t know what was going on. I went like, what are these people staring at and what’s with zooming, the big as my head camera? I started questioning myself. Is it only me or others are also blur on this whole thing to Borobudur Sunrise Watching?  

Sun did rise eventually. In tiny fractions of splashes, though not as expected. Not as a huge, bright, glowing orange ball. Sadly no. Clueless I was. It is just a hype? The years of hype that Borobudur Sunrise is a must do, or sun just wouldn't rise because of Nava K. I guess only the sun god had the answer. Maybe our guide was right too. Weather was not conducive? Having said that, in all fairness, Borobudur Sunrise Watching is sincerely a value added travelling gem. Not so much on seeing the rising sun, but the excitement itself. As though you have conquered the world. For me personally, its another feather on my travelling luggage. In tandem with the sunset and sunrise I have prior achieved (Angkor Wat, Kovalam Kerala & Negambo Sri Lanka). I might as well, if you don't mind, include, the daily without failing me and perching right at the heart of my house sunrise. One of nature wonders I don't even have to pay for, which I must start appreciating. Am I not right? We take the things closest to us for granted. Instead, we won't mind travelling major distance for the pleasure? Of course, Borobudur Sunrise is a different kinda experience all together? What do you think? 

Rise and shine Borobudur sun fizzled off, next was exploring Borobudur Temple by itself. Seeing is definitely believing while lending our ears to our tour guide. Borobudur Temple, dating back to the 8th and 9th centuries, one of the greatest Buddhist monument in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is three tiers seated. A pyramid base consisting of five concentric square terraces, three circular platforms of the trunk as a cone, monumental stupa atop and walls and balustrades decorated with fine low reliefs, covering a total surface area of 2,500 m2. Also, 72 openwork stupas around the circular platforms, each containing a statue of the Buddha. Hidden in darkness of history and buried under layers of volcanic ash and jungle growth, before being discovered in the 9th century, Borobudur sincerely and utterly must be looked up at as a magnificent pride of all time. Incredible stone structures, stupas, Buddha statues and skillful stone craving, narrating many stories and teaching of Buddhism. 

Simply said, Borobudur, one of the most famed archaeological discoveries in the world, is body, mind and soul blowing and touching. A must do. Do it travel enthusiasts if you have not. I bet you won't regret, but make sure your legs are packed with energy for walking and climbing up and down.  

Over and done, Borobudur totality still lingering within us, we walked back to where we started. Across the entrance and in the dining area or call it a foyer, for helping ourselves to the refreshments. Coffee, tea, or both, or me, oops no, and two types of cakes/kuih-muih. Tour buddies thereafter didn’t want to budge. No more walking for them. They got into the van, whereas I made it a point in further walking my legs towards whatever I could see in Borobudur compound, aka Taman Wisata Candi Borobudur, prior to joining them and lets get going to the next sightseeing spot. 

To be continued.

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