Thursday, April 23, 2020

Taj Mahal Agra - (North India)

And the journey. The journey of five and a half hours (More or less. Approximately). The journey from Jaipur (Jaipur The Love City & Jaipur Part 1) to Agra. The journey to, keeping my ass, staying put in my seat in the coach. Ahhhh! Ass. Ass literally. Fried up, down, under, above and inside. You know. This kind of long journeys. Especially for yours truly? Someone who can't keep her ass quiet. Hahaha!! She. Nava K. The hyper, fidgety, colors of "My Fifty Five Life" bright colors lively character, and tell me about my mouth. Mouth of mine? My big fat mouth which must battle wrestle out of me. The chatter box mouth of mine. Mmmmm!!!! Thank god. I had company. Company to a small number of liberal, happy go, lucky come ladies and guys in this tour (Varanasi Part 3). The bubbly and cheerful characters like me. We had fun. We giggling over silly jokes and of course, Nava K? The crowned glory to "Laughter Therapy Guru".

Time. Needless to say. Time flew by. By, and bye-bye, without us realising, and after almost 2 1/1 hours of road tripping, to us our comfort break at one of the road side shops. For pissing men and pissing women obviously, as well as, the comfort to a cuppa of coffee and tea.
The pissing toilet matter in such eateries in India. Atrocious. Only if you really, really, really have to. Otherwise? Save your piss and do it in better state eateries or hotels. Now, let me tell you about the other pissing matter. The culture of pissing by the road side in India? Mainly the guys, some kids as well, and every now and then, women lifting up and squatting. Till this day mind you. Yucks! And I? No.No. Please don't let your wild pissing imagination take over you. I didn't piss by the road, but? I had to see. Not that I was looking out for, for the horror though. The "Dick, Pussy and Ass, the developed or developing ones" horror in India. God!

Anyway, after our comfort break, the road hitting us or vice-versa, and by 2.00pm, we landing in Agra. Lunch of course had to the rush and lunch in Agra? Vegetarianism again. God! The holy-moly Malaysian Hindu Indians and their mentality? India must be about vegetarianism. Vomit blood! But you know what? Aha! I was saved. Food luck promisingly on my side in Annaporna Agra.

Yum. Not so much for the food winning formula taste of Vegetarian Thali Set, but Chow Mein. Chow Mein. The Indian style to a Chinese version fried noodle, and when in India, have a Lassi.

Lassi in whichever eatery in India pretty much. Lassi in India. Wow! Simply irresistible. Likewise, Bru Coffee in India and you shouldn't discount India and their tea too. All because? Most probably. The cows in India and milking them for their super duper luscious creamy milk.  Lunch ending our hunger chapter, followed by a new travelling chapter of ours in North India. Yes. Yes please. When in Agra. What else? Except, the main, core, central master, mastery travelling highlight? The must do. The must see? Of course. Taj Mahal.

Taj the Mahal. The Monument Of My Love as I would like to call it. The love, love and love of mine for this prestige marble simmering shinning monument, that seductively invoked and awoked all my love senses notes, in, around and out of me. How about, did I go back in time to fall in love with Emperor Shah Jahan who built Taj Mahal for honoring his love for the love of his life, his wife Mumtaz Mahal? No. Of course not. My love, was solely for Taj Mahal. Me feeling as I though I am on the, atop the lap of Taj Mahal. The love of mine for Taj Mahal which swirled, swirled, swirled me non-stop, for putting me in a gentle spin and for sweeping me off my feet promisingly. Taj Mahal! Wow! Suffice to say. If at all you are one of them like me who put love to the forefront in whatever you do, including your travelling, you will, I bet, feel the love connotation, love travelling vibes for Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal. The stunning beauty. The jewel of Muslim art. One of the 7 wonders of the world listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983 and Taj Mahal, India's, one of the best, amongst the rest, awesomeness of the world. Our estimated 4 hours in Taj Mahal? Waiting in line for ticket purchasing amongst the thrones of, all walks of life people, next, auto ride for reaching to a distance we can walk towards Taj Mahal, prior to queuing for security check and then, walk the walk. Quite a walk pretty much, whilst also, stopping at the other structures along the way, simultaneously listening to our guide and finally.

Finally. Taj Mahal right there. Right in front of us, plus viewing literally, every aspect and angle of its interior and exterior, and once we stepped outside at the wide open area where Taj Mahal is standing like a legend? Our happy travelling hearts had to signal. The signalling to the rhythm and blues of picturing. I, aha, without a doubt, do I have to say? Nava K and Taj Mahal picturing galore in tandem.

The end. The end to our Agra sightseeing. In fact, Taj Mahal was the one and only sightseeing of ours in Agra. Next? To the hotel and on our travelling list tomorrow? Delhi. Back to Delhi where we arrived on the first day for this North India tour (Varanasi Part 1).

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