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Sabah (East Malaysia) - Nava K's Discovery (Part 2)

Day 3 in Sabah (Sabah Part 1). Hello Kota Kinabalu by 6.30am. Well! Oh well, well, well! Sleeping in a hotel room. Even if its the best room in the world? Even how tired I am. Never been like the best sleep, because, the best sleep for me, has to be my humble bed at home. Furthermore. Over the last  year or so, I've developed the habit to, like some, or all of you, who believe in, early to rise, early to shine is the key to starting your day promisingly. Also, the first thing for me when I wake up. Even before brushing my teeth. Of course. After a glass of warm water. The health is wealth trend. Next will be. Has to be. Must be. The aroma and taste of a cuppa of coffee for a fabulous, positive happy morning start up. Folllowed by, least to least, one full circle and cycle of "Surya Namaskar (Yoga Sun Salutation) gratiifying gratitude to the morning sun. Therefore, this day starting off on the same note. Water, coffee culture, and me the yoga practitioner respecting the sun. Then of course shower, and out of the hotel by 9.30am, for a basic, simple and no frill breakfast. 

At about 10.30am, driven to the site by the relevant party for viewing the particular Kota Kinabalu beach sea front. Sea front. Beach front. Wow! Absolutely. Mesmerising. Then again. Thank you  so much. Due to the millions as investment, I kindly, genuinely and honestly, in return, mentioning a no. The "No" which didn't hesitate coming out of my vocals. Despite, knowing money matters can be negotiated. And for our late lunch, at the recommendation of the so called "I Know It All In Kota Kinabalu" person, to "Welcome 100% Seafood Restaurant", KKC, Kota Kinabalu. Lunch. Consisting of Stir Fried, Crunchy Veggie, Black Pepper Crab and Thai Style Chicken in this coffee shop ambiance eatery? The best? As if I have not had this kinda of seafood meal? Neh. But can be regarded as a decent meal. Pretty much, decency to your hunger. Of course when Kota Kinabalu or Sabah seafood is a concern, you can be assured of the fresh catch. 

After lunch. Back to the another business deal. In fact, the same previous business deal. Which I thought was for washing my brain. Oh god! People actually had the perception that I am a jack ass. Mmmm!! Luckily my super powered wired logical brain didn't fail me. Done with this like "May Day" situation deal, by this hour night has fallen. I skipped dinner because of the tea break in between and next, to the hotel before another night in Sabah.     

Day 4 in Sabah. The day I told myself I had enough of cock and bull deals. Enough of up to my neck, going round and round aimlessly in circles bullshit and people trying very hard in wanting me to end up as a penniless clown. As such. I decided. In fact. I have already decided even before the previous day ended. Sightseeing please. I want some sightseeing loveliness as the supplement for my body, mind and soul nutrition and nourishment. Where to? Kota Belud. And whilst on the way, a stop in Gerai Kelapa Bakar Kak Tini. Jalan Sulaman Tuaran, Kota Kinabalu for baked over charcoal coconut. Sipped in, as well as, scrapping the coconut flesh for yumming, said as, will do a major justice for recharging, revitalizing and reenergizing your "Whatever" or "Whichever". The other I tried was coconut pudding. Awww!! Baked coconut and coconut pudding. My first ever experience, and I simply loved both of these. 

Continuing our journey, of course, we landing and grounding ourselves in Kota Belud. Kota Belud! Known and famed for its nature sightseeing. Yes. Nature sightseeing. Yes please for me as well. The first we embarked on? Kota Belud Wildfire Safari River Cruise. Hopping into the boat at the jetty, and this Kota Belud water way, for seeing, proboscis monkey, and whichever wild life, which will unselfishly decide to parade or model itself or themselves. Proboscis monkeys, they did give us a glimpse of themselves, also other species of monkeys and birds flying above and around the uncut, untamed, virgin, mangrove wetlands.  

Now, whilst awaiting for the next river cruise, firefly seeing cruise, we headed to Kota Belud beach. Tadaa! Water and nature in tandem as the sun was slowly glowing, fading and taking its break. Akin my moment of love truth. The love truth of mine to the sun god and the love truth of the lashing tides and waves.

Back to the jetty again by this hour, at 8.00pm? Yes. The fireflies. Sorry everyone. No pictures. Wasn't condusive anyway, no camera clicks and because I just wanted to see and admire, the tiny winy light sparks of the fireflies. Another first ever experience of mine to the lights of fireflies. Niceyyyy!! 

Subsequently, bye bye to Kota Belud, and we returning to Kota Kinabalu. Dinner? Aha! The must explore Filipino Market. My-My! Gosh! Alive, kicking and like a bee hive buzz, with bundles of people. Believe me. Even in this part of Kota Kinabalu. The Malaysian parking hell culture? So profound. Anyway, we managed to find a parking and after like, a round around this market, for seeing all the varies types of stuffs, like, food stuffs, clothes and what not your name it, in this Filipino market, we opted for one of the stalls for our seafood dinner. Dinner! Creamy Prawns, Sweet Sour Fish and Kangkung/Water Spinach Stir Fry. Not a thumbs up. But acceptable.

I guess, when you are a true and true foodie and you have tasted various types of food in Malaysia and in other parts of the world. You know precisely when to blow the food trumpet of the food you are tasting. Done. End of Sabah day 4.  

Next change: Sabah Part 3. 


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