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Sujee Cake Elegance

Baking isn't exactly my superpower, but hey, diving into it is a fun ride. It’s all about the experience, right? Let me tell you, baking demands heaps of patience, precision, and time. On this particular day, with time on my side, I decided to whip up a sujee cake. Easy peasy, right? Well, sort of. Having tasted sujee cakes made by others, I had a decent idea of the texture and taste I was aiming for. 

Now, here's a funny thing: have you ever met those women who brag about their baking skills, but when you taste their creations, you're left speechless? And not in a good way. Yet, they’ll insist you rave about their so-called ‘fabulous’ baking. They crave validation and praise, and trust me, telling them the truth can lead to some intense glares or even outright hatred. So, sometimes, it's best to just zip your mouth and nod along.

Back to my sujee cake adventure. The key thing I discovered from a recipe book is the importance of soaking the sujee flour in milk. This softens it, preventing the cake from being grainy and dry.


Here are some baking tips:

Baking Tips:

How long should you bake?

The timing depends on the size of your pan – flat or tall. Also, whether you preheat the oven or not makes a difference. Every oven is different; some even bake in a microwave oven. Peek into the oven occasionally, but remember, opening and closing it often reduces the heat, which means the oven needs to rebuild the temperature, affecting the baking time.


Cake Mixer or Handcrafted?

You can use a cake mixer for making sujee cake, but since the technique isn’t too lengthy or complicated, why not go "handcrafted"? Sounds fancy, right? “Handcrafted Sujee Cake” or “Artisan Sujee Cake” - now that’s something to boast about!


Decorating the Cake

Head to a baking shop for decorations. I bought pink sugar flowers and dusted some icing sugar on top. Doesn’t it look attractive?


Before I share the recipe, here’s the honest truth: many have tried my recipe and told me it’s the best sujee cake they’ve ever had. Sounds like another bragging woman? Well, this time, it’s for real. 


250 g butter

200 g sugar

4 eggs

100 g sujee (semolina) flour

150 g milk

100 g crushed almonds

150 g plain flour

1 tsp rose essence

1/2 tsp baking powder



Soak the Sujee

Start by soaking the sujee in milk for an hour. This is crucial to get that perfect texture.

Creamy Dream

Cream the butter and sugar together until they’re light and fluffy.


Egg-citing Addition

Add the eggs one at a time, making sure to continue creaming after each addition.


Flour Power

Gradually fold in the plain flour.


Essence and Extras

Mix in the rose essence, crushed almonds, and the soaked sujee mixture. Fold gently to incorporate everything smoothly.


Pan It Up

Pour the cake mixture into a greased pan.


Baking Time

Bake at 170°C for 1 hour and 10 minutes, or until the cake is fully cooked.


Cool Down

Let the cake cool completely.


Simple Deco

Add a simple store-bought decoration to the cake.


Final Touch

Marvel at your "Handcrafted Sujee Cake" masterpiece. Enjoy the accolades from friends and family – because this time, the praise is totally deserved!

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