Monday, February 2, 2015

Mee Siam Kuah/Gravy (Vegetarian)

Anything is possible these days. Of course. I'm not in denial by the way that anything can be a matter even for food intake. In fact, considering that many are jumping into the back wagon of being a vegetarian, only god knows why, Indians on the whole we shouldn't speak about, there are many possibilities to a vegetarian meal these days. What about me, are you asking? Neh! Never have I thought of being a full blown vegetarian (Maggi Goreng Mamak & Mee Rebus Vegetarian). Of course every now and then, in fact every once a week, I am in the making. The making of a vegetarian meal (Chinese Vegetarian Noodle Soup & Mee Rojak Vegetarian) for my other half-half, and me, I can basically go with the flow. Out came this Mee Siam Kuah/Gravy Vegetarian on this particular Saturday from my kitchen and to our dining table. Mee Siam? I have already spoken about before (Nyonya Mee Siam, Singapore Mee Siam & Mee Siam)? I did. Mee Siam Vegetarian? Nothing is short coming or going. Still a delightful and really slurpy delicious, complete wholesome meal. Oh, for those of you who are anti-egg vegetarian, ditch egg aside and Mee Siam I think must have originated from Thailand? I don't know. You tell me please (Thapthim Krop, Tom Yum Noodle Soup & Siamese Laksa Lemak).

For the kuah/gravy
10 dried red chillies (or per taste)
5 shallots
1 tbsp taucheo/fermented soy paste 
5 garlic
1 lemongrass (add if you have, otherwise omit)
**blend/pound/process to a paste

Other Ingredients
Rice noodles or any other - as needed (blanch to soften)
Tofu pok/white soft tofu - cut into pieces
Boiled eggs (omit or add, as you please) 
Bean sprouts - quickly blanch in hot water  
Sawi/Chinese mustard leafy veg - quickly blanch in hot water  
Spring onion - as needed (slice thinly)
Calamansi lime - as needed 
3 tbsp oil
Salt - as needed (use sparingly because taucheo is salty)

In heated oil, fry gravy paste till aromatic and oil splits.
Pour enough water.
Season with salt.
Simmer to a boiling point.
Keep it simmering.
Assemble noodles with tofu, bean sprouts, egg(s) and spring onion.
Pour gravy over and serve with calamansi lime. 
Optional - top with sliced red chillies. 


  1. I love your presentation! Feeling like digging into it! So sorry to hear about your mom. Sending healing thoughts your mom's way....

  2. Hope your mom gets well soon...recipe looks inviting...

  3. wow yummy
    Hope you will link your recipes to my event

  4. wow...awesome ...excellent preparation Nava..

  5. nice! require quite an amt of effortto cook this!

  6. so happy to see a vegetarian gravy from u
    Keep in touch

  7. hope she feels better, this looks delicious.

  8. I would love to try this as it is so simple & a one pot meal kind of.. Thanx fr sharing
    I hope ur mom gets well soon n ur able to manage everything as well... tk cr :)

  9. Looks so colorful! I'm sure it tastes yum!

  10. It looks so yummy. Lovely presentation. It is irresistible :)

  11. This dish is colorful, I have never had most of your dishes and it is quit hard to find the ingredients here.

  12. Wow the noodles look yummmm.
    Hope ur mom feels better soon.

  13. Simply damn delicious!!!
    the photograph is stunning....

  14. Beautiful pic and style of presentation...... Mouthwatering recipe....Love it have it....

  15. The gravy looks delicious and sending best wishes to your mother! Hope she gets well soon...

  16. looks delicious.I've tried Mee Siam before from an eating place and loved the taste.
    Hope your mom will get better soon!

  17. That must have tasted delicious!!! Looks so colourful!

  18. The colours in this are amazing, so vibrant. It sounds like the perfect dish for a cold day!

  19. Name is new to me but the colourful presentation of the veggies is very tempting:)...Hope your gets well soon:)

  20. Oh I just love it!!
    Love the recipe, colours and presentation!!
    Hope your mom gets well soon!!

  21. Dish looks colourful & yummy...Hope ur mom gets well soon...

  22. Hope your mum feels better soon. You are a brave lady. Lovely recipe and i can try it as it is vegetarian :)

  23. oh i was thinking its the dry type . have not tasted this type maybe will try make this

  24. So sorry to learn about your mom, dear. Please take good care of yourself too as this may be a long & winding road. Nice presentation of food!

  25. Hope your mum recovers soon my friend!
    Your dish looks delicious, use it and keep up your strength!

    Choc Chip Uru

  26. Its a new dish to me, sounds interesting, presentation is superb

  27. Hi Nava, wishing your mum speedy recovery and you too, take care. This is a must-try Mee Siam Kuah. Awesome :)

  28. This dish looks delicious, I'm a big fan of Malaysian food and this one makes me drool!

  29. Looks so tempting and very delicious


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