Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mushroom Yee Mee Soup

Weather seemingly is ruling us. Hot burning weather means we sweat profusely, in return, we overuse our air-cond, whereas when rain start lashing, we are stuck for hours in traffic jam. In return, we are coming back home later after work and then, we are lost on what to do for our meals. Shall we eat out or we shall try our utter best to put up a meal for our family (Coriander Tomato Potato Soup, Prawn Curry Mee & Japanese Radish Mushroom Soup)? Good question. I guess I am pretty much not so crushed because I think preparing a meal for two is definitely a whole lot easier and faster compared to, lets say 4 to 5 family members. Anything goes in fact for us instead of holding the umbrella while trying to figure out what to pack back, not helping is finding parking. So, the best choice mostly is ransacking my fridge and on this day, out came a couple of ingredients which did justice for this Mushroom Yee Mee Soup. Within 1/2 hour, I had already prepared our dinner meal - this vegetarian noodle dish (Mee Rebus Vegetarian, Indian Onion Soup, Dhal Vegetable Soup, Chinese Burdock Soup & Potato Bok Choy Soup) which by far is the meal for warming up during cold weather.  

Ingredients - Serves two people
1 can straw mushrooms (or any other)
6 garlic - crushed
1 1/2 tbsp kei chi (wolfberries) -soaked in water to soften
Salad leaves - as needed
3/4 litre vegetable stock - (either instant/powdered/home-made)
2 rolls Yee Mee (or your choice of noodles)
1 tbsp oil
Crushed black pepper and salt for taste
Spring onion for garnishing
Sauté garlic in oil.
Pour stock and simmer.
Add kei chi and mushrooms, continue to simmer till heated through.
Season with salt and pepper
Place noodle on a serving plate/bowl.
Dip salad leaves in the soup and add on top of noodle.  
Pour soup over and garnish with spring onion.
Optional: serve with sliced chillies drenched in soya sauce and lime.  
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  1. Simply love the look of the dish and the pictures! The red napkin brings out all the colours on your plate. Mouth-watering! Must have been so delicious!

  2. Alll your recipes are so different, they look so colorful and yum.

  3. Nava, yee mee is my favorite mee. but never cook this at home. may be i should try and cook this at home.

  4. Great presentation! You seems to like your food on the spicy end. Can see lots of crushed pepper =)

  5. looks and sounds lovely with so much veggies.

  6. My heart goes out to people of Philippines .. Will pry for them.. They are suffering a lot...
    U must drive safely during rainy season..
    About the food, u click your food so well and make it look so good that I feel like eating it now.
    Happy Weekend
    Keep in touch,

  7. I can't believe you make such delicious food after coming back from work and waiting at traffic jams. This is just the perfect comforting food for a winter the flavours and colours!

  8. U said it right, if one can't do anything more for the people suffering, just we could do is remember them in our prayers.. And coming to the recipe, awesome super easy noodle soup, as usual no words clicks are perfect..

  9. i've been hearing regarding the hurricane in the news, it is really sad... hope things get back to normal soon... the pics looks awesome... so colorful...

  10. I hope things are under control now. Lovely and a very heartwarming soup and so colourful too. Very appetising

  11. It is so sad what's happened in the Philippines. Nice hot soup for a cold evening.

  12. Yummy and healthy soup.. Colorful and tempting..

  13. Mmm i love it. Eat with cili padi syok to the max

  14. Mmm i love it. Eat with cili padi syok to the max

  15. Hey Nava, Hugs. Take care...It's very painful to witness a calamity... May God have mercy on us...
    The soup looks totally comforting...

  16. lovin light and refreshing chinese noodle soup!

  17. Hi Nava, very appetizing yee mee soup. You're en excellent cook, everything you cook look so delightful. :))

  18. Lovely color! Your recipes are always so new and interesting :-) Its beautiful!


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