Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nyonya Assam Laksa

Helloo Everyone,
Welcome back to another episode of "cook with nava-k". Today, we shall speak further on Nyonya/Peranakan/Portuguese cuisine, which I believe I have already been introduced to all you great people (Nyonya Curry LaksaPrawn Curry Laksa and Prawn Curry Mee). Then again, I guess sometimes it doesn't hurt to repeat ourselves because forgetfulness is a norm these days. From the young to the elderly, everyone is really forgetful or conveniently forgetting things. Blame it on the stress of achieving success in life, my other half on the other hand potentially can't think of anything else except his business, food bucket and what to cook for the day is is under my jurisdiction. The question now is whether I am forgetful as well? Generally no. Okay, I am not perfect. But I still can remember telling you that Nyonya cuisine (Nyonya Fish Sambal, Nyonya Assam Fish Curry, Ayam Pongteh & Sambal Belacan Bawang Merah), showcases spices (Chicken Vindaloo, Mutton Devil Curry & Ayam Masak Masam Manis), lotsa coconut milk (Asam Laksa Lemak & Sardine Masak Lemak), and our local herbs. Still, there is no right and wrong formula to any food we cook. Remember, we can adjust, we can adapt and we can tweet recipes as per our liking. 

For this Nyonya Assam Laksa, if possible, it must be the ingredients listed in this recipe (Assam Laksa). Sensational delicious I assure you, I can hear you saying that you want to immediately dive into this noodle dish. Al-dente mee hoon, sinking in a sour-aromatic broth, topped with pineapple, mint leaf, red chilli, onion and a scoop of otak-otak (Vietnamese Noodle Soup, Minced Chicken Mee Hoon Soup & Mushroom Yee Mee Soup).

Sardines can be replaced with mackerel or any other fish you feel should be appropriate.
Likewise, pick your choice of noodles.
Otak-otak/shrimp paste (the gummy black thick paste) is sort of a must but I really think that, you can actually do away with it. 
For the broth
12 medium size fresh sardines - cleaned and do not remove the head.
1 inch lengkuas/galangal - crushed/smashed
1 lemongrass/serai - crushed/smashed
1 inch fresh turmeric/kunyit - crushed/smashed
2-3 dried tamarind/assam keping
Salt for taste

To assemble (as needed)
Noodles - blanched to soften ( I used mee hoon)
Red onion - sliced
Fresh pineapple pieces
Red/birds eye chilies - sliced/chopped
Salad leaves - sliced
Mint Leaves
Otak-otak/shrimp paste

Add all the ingredients for the broth with 1 liter of water.
Simmer over low heat till fish becomes soft and tender.
Remove from heat and drain the broth.
Flake fish and discard bones and heads. 
Add fish in broth, season with salt and continue to simmer.
Assemble noodles in a bowl and top with onions, mint leaves, pineapples and chilies.
Pour broth over and serve with a scoop of otak-otak/shrimp paste.
Take care everyone.  More on nava-k on every other social media please!!

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  1. Oh, I like this type of laksa! The different taste (sour, spicy) stimulates the taste buds and is just so enticing!

  2. Good to know that you are growing your own herbs. I have never had Portuguese cusine.

  3. Never heard of this recipe or dish but sounds interesting. Love the colorful clicks.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Something and very interesting Nava, thanks for sharing... love the colors....

  5. Oh my god, I can practically smell it. Otak otak is a must for me when diving into Assam Laksa, which are the best in the world!

  6. The bowl of soup looks super delicious . Yeah that's totally true abt growing the own herbs . It gives a self satisfaction ...

  7. The seafood noodle combo soup looks really delicious Nava. I wonder where do u have the time for work then bloggin then gardening. :))

  8. It surely is very satisfying to grow and prickly fresh herbs., :)
    Nice recipe
    Keep in touch,

  9. My mom also grow herbs and some veggies in her garden.. That is an interesting art..Recipe is new to me.. Thanks for sharing..

  10. I love . the more of the dark sauce made of shrimps the better

  11. I don't know which laksa to choose from. All of the ones you have posted are amazing and look delicious. I am with you on growing your own feels great to use them in your day to day cooking. Another beautiful dish Nava!

  12. Such a wonderful-looking dish...I can imagine how the taste will be!

  13. this dish is totally new to me..looks super delicious....very neat presentation with lovely colors...

  14. Laksa with a makeover, this looks delicious :D


  15. Very new recipe to me . I love all the clicks

  16. Looks wonderful, Nava. New to ur blog and following too :)

  17. wow, one of my favourite soup, especially in a cold rainy days...
    i love using giant grouper or red snapper head for making asam laksa, made me feeling younger due to it's high collagen content.....

  18. Hi Nava ,I love this assam laksa, very appetizing. Looking at yours, I think i need 2 big bowls. LOL

    Best regards.

  19. YUM! looks amazing. I've always wanted to try mint and curry together, seems like such a great combination. love your blog! I too have lifestyle, fashion, food blog- perhaps you'd enjoy exchanging follows?



  20. This sounds interesting to me. It looks so beautiful and yummy too!


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