Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tom Yam Steamed Fish

Woot Woot! Walla! Look at this atrociously tempting Tom Yam Steamed Fish. Tempting and mouthwatering right? Really, it is. Hang in there. I will be getting to the recipe in a while, before that, lemme say that tom yam paste is the utter magic for Thai dishes (Thai Prawn Spaghetti, Thai Fish Style, Basil Tomato Soup, Lemongrass Prawn Brinjal Curry & Lemongrass Cordial). Sincerely, it is. You can either made the paste or the easy way out is buying the bottled, cubed or in sachets types. Of course, ready made paste will save some of your time, nevertheless, you can effortlessly make as well (Tom Yam Fried Mee Hoon, Tom Yam Chicken, Tom Yam Seafood Soup & Tom Yam Fried Rice).  

For this tom yam steamed fish, I made the paste and for the cooking technic, you can either add the paste over the fish and steam, or steam the fish first and then atop with paste. The choice is yours to this tender fish with tangy-spicy-aromatic sauce (Thai Style Steamed Fish, Thai Papaya Salad & Basil Tandoori Chicken)

1 medium size (about 400g) white pomfret/bawal putih - de-gut and cleaned
1 inch ginger - half of it sliced and the other cut into thin stripes
1 large onion - sliced thinly
3-4 kaffir/limau purut leaves -sliced/shredded
1/2 tbsp fish sauce (optional)
2-3 birds eye chillies/cili padi - sliced
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp lime juice
4-5 tbsp oil
Salt for taste

For the tom yam paste (blend/process)
2 medium size tomatoes
2 red chillies 
2 dried red chillies
1 lemongrass
1/2 inch galangal/lengkuas
Sauté onion and ginger in oil.
Add paste and continue to fry till aromatic and oil splits
Pour 1/2 cup of water and the rest of the ingredients.
Meanwhile, steamed fish with ginger slices till cooked.
Once done, drain off the water in it.
Pour the cooked paste over the fish.
Optional: add sliced birds eye chillies on top. 
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  1. Yummm! I am going to buy the fish and make this dish tomorrow.

  2. I love tom yam..! so hot n spicy. You have plated that so well and looks delicious too..

  3. yes i love tom yam.. my steam rice is ready to go with your dish.

  4. wow this one looks delicious! i think i can give this a try! will need to read the instructions many time though! lol...thanks for sharing!

  5. wow shiok! I like tom yum. The different taste stimulates the taste bud and opens up the appetite!

  6. looks nice n yum...

    chcek out my rexent one :Leibester Award n The Versatile Blogger award –Seven things about me..

  7. The colours nearly jumped out of the screen! What an amazing dish...looks so delicious. Really something i must try out!

  8. My friend gifted me a tom yam paste.was wondering how to use it. Please give me more suggestions Nava , as we don't eat fish

  9. lovely bowl of comfort...i am a fan of tomyam...

  10. Looks delicious. In the US we can get galangal, kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass just fine, also have tom yam paste here as well.

  11. Looks yum, I have never tried tom yam Fish.

  12. Hearing the name tom yam for first time.. Thanks for introducing a new recipe

  13. I think making the paste at home is always better...tastes so muh nicer than the store bought ones. I had no idea I had all the ingredients for tom yam paste at home...in other words, your recipe is a huge help! I will try out this week. And looks gorgeous too!

  14. I made the Payasam the other day.but i was not able to taste it bcz i gave it to sai mandir.So when i try other time i will post a comment.But you can see a post about payasam i guess;) .
    This Fish look fabulous.Birds eye chilies .I dont know about it.

  15. I always adore your fish recipes n wanna try at home.... Since my kids are small but worried whether they like these ton yam taste...

  16. Yummy Yummy.....i always love tomyam....may it be soup, or fish...or fried rice....
    Any fast and simple recipe for tomyam soup? I am a lazy cook...

  17. My favourite soup flavour on fish? I wish I could try it :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  18. This looks really delicious and tasty Nava.. Great recipe indeed :-)

  19. Thanks for introducing new recipe. Visit this new world of Arab confectionery and Nature Lovers.

  20. making things at home is always better..
    loved the clicks...

  21. I just love all the fish/seafood recipes that you created,YUMMY :)

  22. Thanks so much all my beloved foodie friends.
    Yin - The simplest as said will be the ready made paste. Maybe will think of another recipe, the most simplest as possible.

  23. Tom Yum has one of my favorite flavors.
    Although I am not a big fan of seafood, I love to make it quite often. This looks pretty darn delicious, my family would love it.

  24. wonderful fish curry with tomyam paste, drooling here!!!

  25. Hi Nava, your tom yam seafood look really good. I can practically smell the fragrant scent from here. :))

  26. Irresistible fish curry. It looks so delicious. :)

  27. Lovely... I just had Assam fish n loved so much the taste...


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