Saturday, July 22, 2023

The Essence of Qualified Coaching: Beyond Empty Words and Intimidating Stares

In today's world, it seems like everyone is calling themselves a coach. However, the landscape is filled with a mix of qualified and unqualified individuals who are leveraging the term "coach" for personal branding purposes. While some resort to dubious tactics, true coaches bring substance and genuine expertise to their clients. As a qualified coach myself, I understand the importance of continuous learning and strive to provide a positive coaching experience. In this article, I want to shed light on a concerning trend I've observed and offer valuable insights for both aspiring and existing coaches. (Nature Oasis)

The Power Play of Intimidation

Among the multitude of coaches, including well-known ones, there exists a group that employs a disconcerting strategy - staring into their clients' eyes, hoping to evoke discomfort or prove their own superiority. It can be an unnerving experience, leaving clients feeling small and inadequate, especially when these intense stares are delivered in front of others. I, too, have encountered such moments that left me feeling numb and insignificant.


Learning from Experience

The discomfort I felt during those encounters led me to reflect on my coaching style and vow not to subject my clients to the same unpleasant experiences. Coaching requires delving deep within oneself to find answers, and if the coach fails to provide a safe and supportive environment, the coaching relationship is destined to falter. When faced with a question, instead of staring intently, I've learned to ask in a gentle manner and divert my gaze, allowing clients the space and comfort to respond at their own pace.

The Power of Non-Verbal Communication

Coaches must be mindful of their body language and non-verbal cues. Clients are perceptive and can sense when a coach is not genuinely engaged or receptive. Failing to establish effective non-verbal communication (The Profound Power Of Listening) jeopardizes the coaching business, as clients may become dissatisfied and spread negative feedback behind the scenes. It is crucial to understand that while you may still appear successful externally, the truth lies in the opinions whispered quietly, tarnishing both your own image and that of qualified coaches like myself.


In a world inundated with self-proclaimed coaches, it is imperative to distinguish those who possess genuine qualifications and a commitment to ongoing learning. True coaches bring substance, empathy, and authenticity to their practice, fostering an environment where clients can flourish. By eschewing tactics like intimidating stares and prioritizing effective non-verbal communication, coaches can forge a positive and transformative coaching experience for their clients. Remember, it is not just about personal branding; it is about making a meaningful impact and upholding the integrity of the coaching profession.

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