Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Malaysian-Inspired Pork Chop Delight

Today's culinary delight features pork, a personal favorite of mine. Despite my affinity for all things porky, I've noticed a peculiar trend among my Indian acquaintances - they tend to shy away from pork, with many having never even tasted it. The prevailing perception seems to be that pork is a "dirty" meat, although its place in Hinduism, or lack thereof, remains largely unexplored.

In my observation, the reluctance to try pork stems from a preference for familiar foods among Indians - the cuisine they grew up with holds a special place in their hearts. Even my husband, for instance, abstains from pork without being able to articulate a specific reason why. It's a curious quirk of human behavior, isn't it?

As for me, I happily indulge in pork dishes when my husband isn't around. At home, however, his preferences dictate our meals, a reflection of the traditional Indian culture that often prioritizes the husband's tastes. Nonetheless, I remain open-minded about food and never fuss over what's on the table. Today, pork takes center stage in our Zen Cuisine.


But does being a practitioner of Zen mean abstaining from pork? It's an intriguing question - one that prompts me to wonder if Japanese adherents of Zen also partake in pork consumption. While I await your response, let me share with you my take on Malaysian-style pork chop: tender pork bathed in a savory, spicy, and buttery Chinese-style sauce. Do you consider this indulgence to be sinful?

Ingredients (per taste)

2 pieces of pork chop - flattened with a basher and marinated with:

Ginger paste

Garlic paste

Dark soy sauce

Light soy sauce

Oyster sauce

Crushed black pepper

A dash of sesame oil

A pinch of salt

Lime juice (if needed)

(***Ingredients as needed)

Other ingredients:

1 small bowl of frozen green peas

2 red chilies - sliced

Lime juice (if needed)

Butter (as needed)


Heat butter in a pan and add the sliced red chilies, allowing their blissful aroma to infuse into the dish.

Drop in the marinated pork chop pieces and cook them on both sides until they turn three-quarters done.

If desired, pour a little water into the pan to create a delightful sauce as the pork finishes cooking. This will render the pork soft and tender.

Once the pork is thoroughly cooked, add the green peas and a touch of lime juice for a refreshing tang.

Give everything a good stir to blend the flavors, and then it's time to dish out your Malaysian-style pork chop creation.

Savor the mouthwatering fusion of flavors and enjoy your deliciously tender pork chop, carefully crafted with love and creativity!  

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