Friday, February 2, 2018

Pulau Ketam, Selangor (Part 2) - A Trip With Nava K

Back to Pulau Ketam, land on stilts or land seated or standing on water (Pulau Ketam Part 1). Literally blistered and roasted. No doubt, our boat ride venture to the fish farm and floating village was really a major exciting eye opener, nevertheless, sightseeing in our mad crazy hot Malaysian weather, I tell you. I especially, massively sweat dripped. As if I had wrestled and fought in a rain battle. As it is I sweat like a dog or cow for no apparent reason, can you imagine how it would have been withstanding the burning sun at the fish farm and also the back and forth boat ride? Phew! Crazy. Therefore, the moment we walked into Pulau Ketam, we immediately dashed for thirst quenching and  this woman, yes, me Nava K, once I am out of the house, all I can think of is food. Well, you can blame me. I am so tired of eating my own cooking. Wish, I sincerely wish my Indian love other half-half will cook as well, I suppose its easier said than done. Husband cooking for wife definitely is not the way to our marriage life. Come to think of it, I have my doubts if it will ever take place. Yet, I have not given up because never say die is my strong lifelong policy. Keeping my fingers crossed. If he still insist he doesn't want even after he retires, I think I have no other choice but spank his butt real hard. Bwah-hah-hah! Just kidding. 

Aside now to the tiny bit of letting the cat out of Nava K's bag on behind the scene on my supposedly a perfect Indian marriage like in Tamil movies, as we walked along the rows of eateries, I literally,  forcing is sometimes my slyness mind you, forced my other half-half and the couple into Restoran Kim Hoe which I had already earlier ear and eye marked the Fried Lala/Clam. A plate called for ,while at sipping into Sugar Cane Chestnut Juice, we nibbled over the fresh catch lala/clam, fried alongside egg, garlic, bean sprouts and soy sauce. Is it worthy? Like this. Let me put it in my way. Basically, if you are a lala lover, you will appreciate it. Otherwise, I say nothing.  

Thereafter, instead of returning to the hotel for showering, we decided we might well sweat all the through by walking the walk. As far furthest as we can. Anyway, Pulau Ketam, located at the mouth of Klang River, near Port Klang, is just a tiny island. Yet, trust me, there are things for you to see. So, stop believing those nut cases who describe Pulau Ketam as the place for seafood only. Really, unsure I am what's wrong those nuts. The hard nuts you can't crack due to their boxed up travelling thinking. Most probably, they didn't bother exploring, neither did they care less in finding out. We on the other hand discovered three temples albeit I am really not c-sure which is which. Rather confusing actually. Even after doing my homework, I am still confused. However, I am absolutely certain you will see the temples as you walk from one end to the other end of Pulau Ketam.  
The first temple is right in front, a little further from the jetty. The second temple, officiated by the late Tan Sri Manickavasagam and not by the year back bestowed Tan Sri, Samy Velu, I reckon is at the heart of Pulau Ketam. Whereas the snake temple is more towards the other side, and where a cobra or python is kept in a deep cage, which we chose not see. Why should we, tell me, when we can directly or indirectly see more poisonous snakes within our closest friends? Duh! Nava K and her my razor sharp mouth?    

These three temples are pretty much the central attractions in Pulau Ketam. Of course, the eateries, shops and houses by themselves are also part and parcel of aw-wow sightseeing. Sadly though, sorry Hindus, there's no Indian temples in Pulau Ketam. So, better for you to stick to your yearly or as you like, as many times holy pilgrimages in India where you reckon gods are more powerful compared to gods in Malaysian temples? Did I say anything wrong or you guys know what I am trying to hint? Go ask the holy Hindu grains and they, believe me, may even convince you on the holiness in India. Having said that, selfing or welfing is also allowed in Pulau Ketam. The Kung Fu Panda and happy family, actually the family look quite dysfunctional to me, on Pulau Ketam walls will be more than merrier in selfing or welfing with you.  

Right after our two hours of Pulau Ketam seeing, we took another break breather over a cup of black coffee in Restoran Chen Hwa. Black coffee, the black powerful bitchy bitter punch didn't go down with me. Even as a coffee lover, I really couldn't drink up until I had to get them to dilute it with hot water.  

Subsequently, it was the moment of truth. Finding out if seafood in Pulau Ketam is as delicious as we have constantly been told, over and over again. In this restaurant, can anyone please help by explaining or reading the name? I wish I can tell you. Blame it on my Indian mom for not sending me to Chinese school.  
Packed to almost its rim, according to our Chinese friend who recommended and dined with us, this restaurant is one of the best among the rest. Food called for, we tucked into Garlic Stir Fried Leafy Green, Ikan Pari/Singray Claypot Curry, Lala/Clam Steam and Chilli Crab. Genuinely delicious. No two ways about it. Truly a pleasing meal, akin elevated by pouring aplenty Pulau Ketam love.  

By 10.00pm, dinner was over. In fact we were the last batch to leave, and Pulau Ketam by 9.00pm was already dead on this weekday. Having no other choice, I literally forced sleep over me while my other half-half continued chatting with his friend until almost I think 12am. Notably, Pulau Ketam should be back in full force, alive and kicking, as early as 6.00am. We too were up early. Seated at the next door to our hotel coffee shop by 7.00am. Hotel and coffee shop owned by the same lady owner who sat with us and spoke about her over 50 years in Pulau Ketam. Tucking into the Fried Mee Hoon, packed from the street stall and sipping into coffee, we, sadly, had to ditch our plan for visiting Sungai Lima Village. For one reason, clashing of ferry timing, the other, my hard-core workaholic other half-half wanted to return to work. What a waste. We couldn't explore Sungai Lima Village. So close yet so far right? I know.   

To the jetty and into Ali Baba Cruises, and why else next? Back to the reality land of home sweet home. 
Pulau Ketam, according to Nava K is definitely a mind soothing getaway. A day will do. Otherwise, you may end pulling out your hair. What's left of it. Pulau Ketam is where sunset and sunrise are as beautiful as elsewhere, do make it a point in visiting the temple, food is bountiful, no worries about gangsterism though I was told it does exists behind the scene, if you can, try to avoid Pulau Ketam during weekends or public holidays (LangkawiMelakaSungkaiPort Dickson & Alor Setar) and for god sake, stop believing the nut cases I have already told you about. These are people I must classify in my travelling book as the boring and lazy travellers who can't gasp the true meaning of discovering places.    

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