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Fraser's Hill - Pahang

From Bentong to Frasers Hill. At our own speed. No, no. Please don't get me wrong. We weren't like strolling or nuisance driving. Basically, we didn't see a need for rushing or bulldozing our way through. After all, like I have told you before or maybe I didn't, inbound country road trips or even those across the continent. For a matter of fact. Wouldn't you agree should be easy going instead of wanting to prove a point to others we super heroes who are conquering one place after the other for the sake of showing off? Or, you might as well tell me as well. What is the point of travelling if we return home feeling bashed up, trashed out or worn out? Instead, shouldn't we hail or appreciate travelling as a relaxing frame of mind? As it is, like, we don't have enough of our day in day out daily grin I am sure you agreeing is already killing us softly? Must we also load up more stress by getting all worked up or paranoia in the name of travelling? Think about it, while I slowly take you through my travelling story. Out of Bentong, somehow, along the way, don't ask me why and what not, we somehow ending up Teras. 

Teras. A quiet, really sleepy town. Still remaining like yesteryears. Uncomplicated, easy on the go, and free as you wish daily life and style. Unlike life in the fast lane in the city we are living in? Believe me, the feeling being in a such town and being seated amongst the locals in a hut like coffee shop along the road side. We taking our moment by sitting back, relaxing, glimpsing at the surrounding, simultaneously sipping into country style coffee and nibbling the humble toast. Priceless! Truly! Thereafter, as we were heading back to our car, at the spur of the moment, our eyes zooming at Teras Musang King Durian. What? Teras and its popularity for Musang King? Aha! Obviously. We couldn't resist. We had to try. Just one piece for Nava K and the rest, gawked by my friend. How? Teras Musang King compared to other types of durians or durians from other parts of Malaysia? Don't ask me. I am no fan of durians. My friend on the other hand who is hard core durian lover. Grinning and praising this luscious, creamy and sweet fruit.  
Subsequently, after hand dirtying eating and having quite a lengthy discussion about durians on the whole by the road side, off we left before arriving in Frasers Hill. Frasers Hill! Believe me you. My first time ever. Oh yes! Me and Frasers Hill saying hi to each other for the first time ever in my ripe age of 54. God! The places within Malaysian I am still discovering? Obviously then? As usual. Nava K all excited and hyped up. Car parked within the centrality and hallmark of Frasers Hill where the clock tower is and where I think most tourists will step foot, next, we doing a tiny bit of walking down the slope. Passing by the clock tower and also the bird watching surrounding area. Bird watching? Indeed, a promising Frasers Hill tourist attraction. Did we spot any birds? As much as we eagerly looked forward to. Neh! 

Anyway, next was lunch in the halal restaurant across where we parked. Not bad. Sincerely. Price-wise? Mmmmm!! I guess? Sort of, more or less, paying for a similar meal in the city. 
Lunch and then? Where should our overnight be. A couple of hotels checked out and finally, we settling for Shahzan Inn. Shahzan Inn? Pretty much. Decent and I won't mind saying clean room as well. But, nothing no perfection. If you look around, you may notice the worn out furnitures and fittings which I guess you have close your eyes to. Overall, nonetheless, unless you are the complaining type? Otherwise, assure you will be satisfied. 

Bags aside and we taking approximately half an hour for resting back, later, we embarking on discovering Frasers Hill. Up and down the narrow roads within nature setting for seeing the colonial style houses. Sadly though, as far as we noted, some of these houses or other buildings were in sorry state of affair. In other words, already abundant and we in return couldn't help feeling sorry for Frasers Hill which we thought should be given a new lease of life or at least a face lift. Then again, I may be wrong or I am not wrong in saying, people actually head to Frasers Hill for its chilly weather, fresh air and nature? Unlike us who were hoping we will stumble upon sightseeing spots. Perhaps the only consolation was idling half an hour of our time in Jeriau Waterfall. 

Up next? Popping into Aida Daniya Restaurant & English Teahouse. Wow! Spectacular view. Wondrous. Mind touching. Perched atop the hill and we taking our seat in this English style cafe for high tea. Not sure if I should pricey, but honestly, we didn't mind and sincerely, quite an appreciated experience actually.  

Thenceforth, to our room by 6.30pm and we mutually agreeing on skipping dinner, and once we showered and refreshed ourselves up, we standing on the balcony for gazing at the surrounding. Also, oh-yes, this time, we managed to see some birds flying back and forth, to and fro within the vicinity of our hotel. By 11.30pm, good night Frasers Hill. Buffet breakfast next morning? 

Not the best out of the rest, but rather impressive and me loving every bit of the curry mee which I thought was truly a delight. Of course, some of the other items, to a certain extent, can be raved and by 9.30am. That's it. Bye Bye Frasers Hill.  


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