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Attractions In Penang - Nava K Spotted

Penang! Absolutely Penang indeed. No, no, not another of my Penang trip-tripping rolled out from my sleeves. It is in fact, the continuity, can you still remember my previous Penang pitching? Remember, I also included my the bitchy me the bitchy side of me? I told you about my long winded family ties and my love getting harder and tougher as the years are heading further in our fifties (Penang Sightseeing Guide, Penang Food Guide & The Wembley Hotel)? Family ties? I think is a never ending hard to shallow reality. Whether from your side of the family or in-laws? Once I start talking, there will be no end to family ties? Even marriage, I reckon over the years can be quite a thing. Travelling together by far is not the same anymore once the years catches up on us. I know. I anyway have been someone who have been travelling on my own. Of course, thrown in our every now and then marriage love rekindling travelling. But the years to marriage can take a toll, trust me, marriage in our fifties is a different kinda phase. Bones lacking in strength, energy already eaten up, in return our lacking in stamina, our patience dwelling down and the years to adjusting to each other for the better or for the worst. I really can't speak on your behalf, I personally find that either we accommodate and respect our spouses decision to staying put in the room or we literally force them, or we do sightseeing on our own. 

This Penang trip of mine sincerely was in tandem to eyes, choices of words and brain digesting those marriage lessons. I in fact, instead of battling for sightseeing together, I embarked on my own. Fine. Another up for strengthening my travelling independence by still being mindful to my handbag and safety. Look, I am not saying Penang is not a save. Its the same story elsewhere too in other countries in case you don't know. Penang by far is not only, to those of you who have been under the impression that its only Penang food hunting, how wrong you are. Additionally, you don't have to burn the money bridge in Penang (Penang Thaipusam). Choices are aplenty for overnights, provided you are not someone who pay peanuts and expect royal treatment, and of course you need to put aside money for sightseeing entrance fee. Married or single, those of you who keep complaining about the mundane daily grind, go, put on your travelling shoes and give a good walk to the dash-dash and dash of "Attractions In Penang" by yours truly.  

Chew Jetty
Weld Quay
George Town

Yes you can. You can walk from Armenian Street to Chew Jetty. Your twenty minutes walk, more or less irrespective, will eventually lead you to Chew Jetty. I walked for five minutes most to most and that's it. I gave up because Penang sun literally tore my Indian skin apart. So hot. Really hot. Blistering burning until I could walk no further. Detouring backwards to walking, while keeping my fingers crossed to flagging down a rickshaw, hopes didn't materialise, unfortunately no luck, I eventually landed myself at the junction where I hopped into one of parked rickshaws. Ride took off and by the next 10 minutes, by the time I got down in front of Chew Jetty, my friendship flower with the rickshaw driver has blossomed. As if we have known each other for years and as if we are long lost friends. Gem of a humble and simple elderly Chinese guy. His philosophy to earning a living by utilising his legs, instead of being a drama serial addict or, or and hoping for handouts from his kids knocked sense into me. The loudest bell rang. The bell to the reality bullet to aging proudly. Lesson learned? Saving is crucial, expect nothing from children and stand up, even if you have wash dishes, on your own feet for money independence.  
Saying bye-bye was sort of emotional. The Indian sentimentalism of mine sometimes I think is Nava K's downfall. But I had to still let go. Handing a couple of extra dollars for his kind welcoming Penang tourism gesture, I then walked via the wooden platform narrow walkway into Chew Jetty. Home on slits, lined with tiny smalls in front of the houses, and perched above sea shores and a cousin, a mini version of Pulau Ketam (Pulau Ketam Part 1 & Part 2). Maybe already given a face lift or its originality retained, Chew Jetty is where you will feel as if you are walking backwards towards downtime. The yesteryears Penang Sea Wonder World memory lane. Ohlalala! Sea haven soothing, calming, sensual and an oyster water realisation from the time you start walking and till the sea edge water front. Thereafter, what should I say, must I say or can I say? Do I have to tell you to relax and rest by gazing at the sea, while allowing the sea breeze to touch your senses? Potentially you should. Let go as well of your classified sins, bad thoughts, pain and misery by surrendering to the sound of water waves. For me personally, sea water had an impact in cleansing my emotions. How about your good-self?  

Tan Jetty
George Ttown

Nearby, within a walking distance, what you see in Chew Jetty is what you get in Tan Jetty. Tentatively the same sea view and the livelihood of whether its the Tan Clan, Chew Clan or Lim Clan who are the grassroots of their “Made In China” forefathers and foremothers. Tan Jetty, notably, by virtue of my traveling eyes and camera lens during this early afternoon was quite dead. Except for the coffee shop right in front, the rest were literally sleeping until my intention of lunching didn’t leave any option. Tan Jetty, most probably I think will be up and about during the later part of the evening for seafood dining and  cheers to as many bottles of beer.      
Wonderfood Museum
49, Lebuh Pantai
George Town

I thought, I really thought its a mistake of mine for badly wanting to visit Wonderfood Museum. From the outside, Wonderfood Museum is so ordinary until I had to debate within myself. Should I pay or u-turn my butt? In the end, I told myself. What the hack. Lemme check it out. Not at all a regret. Oh-My-Food-Wonder! Obviously its the food galore, not real food though, which hunger throned me back and forth. You name it, you will see it in Wonderfood Museum. Food, food and food! All sorts of food from every nooks and corners of Malaysia. Malay food, Chinese food, Indian food, so on and so forth. Unlimited and not out of bound, captivatingly showcased throughout the two floors, from one section to the other and clearly listed. Do not, for my sake visit Wonderfood Museum when you are hungry. At the end of it all, before you exit, at the last section, I sincerely hope you will carry alongside with you one important major food lesson. Do not fuss and do not waste food because millions out there are starving daily. Solo travellers like me, fret not on picturing. Your camera or hand phone at the hands of the staff. 

3D Trick Art Museum
10, Lebuh Penang
George Town

Tricks of mine didn't run high, wild or climb the coconut even before I stepped into Penang 3D Trick Art Museum. No. I am not a virgin to 3D Museum. Korea 3D Museum, Langkawi 3D Museum (Part 1 & Part 2) and Jogyakarta 3D Museum at the back and in front of my travelling legs and hands already. Yet, I made it a point in visiting Penang 3D Trick Art Museum. I was already within the same vicinity and if I didn't pop by, don't you think I would have been a loser to Penang sightseeing hunting? Will Penang 3D Museum take a page on my travelling diary? Langkawi 3D Museum is still the untouchable show stealer, basically any 3D Museum is for social media pictures speaks louder than words. Fun posey-mosey endless picturing. Your kids I believe will love it, god, even adults these days are crazily trending picturing madness. As in Wonderfood Museum, solo travellers or married solo travellers like myself, either you show off your selfing skills or the staff won't ditch you aside for clicking.   

Ghost Museum
57, Lebuh Melayu
George Town

Trust me. You won't, no, you won’t pee in your pants in Ghost Museum. Neh! Ghost Museum, if you are asking me, is not horrifying. Maybe best said as a horror house. Unless you are big on outside heroism, yet chicken little inside? Bring your children along. Let them find out for themselves that they can sometimes be worst terrifying compared to ghosts. Even I who fear every small noise when in bed or in my dreams, I think snoring spouses or sleeping partners of ours are more frightening or scary compared to Ghost Museum. Whether you put on the costumes provided, its really up to you. Of course, some of us I think are made to look better in the costumes, just kidding, with or without, go with the flow for your maximum dose of Japanese ghosts, Malaysian ghosts and literally all the bloody blood suckers in this supposedly ghostly atmosphere. However, RM18.00 (half price for senior citizens) for less than half an hour in Ghost Museum I think is corny in this horror is not the hammer space.

Straits Quay
Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang
Tanjung Tokong

Nang! Million times. Took me a while for gripping my composure that this is Malaysia. This is actually Penang and not overseas. My problem and the problem of people who always are under the impression that sea across Malaysian borders are more bluish and greener. You can’t blame me either. No one, none has spoken about Straits Quay. In fact, I knew zero percent on Straits Quay until I came over. Shopping mall and exclusive condo living on the floors atop, Straits Quay is sincerely the breather to Penang sea. Wah! Those super-duper boats are not mine. I can't afford by the way. Perhaps the only option for me will be piggy-backing any of the rich and famed Malaysians or foreigners for a ride in their boats. Straits Quay I was told is an enlivening watering hole and food seventh heaven once the sun goes down. Daytime and on weekdays, sure, you can meal at any of the eateries in the mall, but outside, choices are limited. In fact, I had to opt between the only two, side by side eateries at this hour. 3.00pm. That said, to those of you who hate being amongst the night crowd, day time is the better option for your alone time in, in Straits Quay. No rush, no hustle and bustle, and at your whims and fancy.  

Design Village
733, Jalan Cassaria Barat
Batu Kawan

So I know. I have already visited Mitsui Outlet and a couple of premium outlets in foreign land too. Shopping obviously is the main call in Design Village. Or get your fair deal to leisure at your phase window shopping from one outlet to the other in this impressively set up and conducive ground. Awesome. Sincerely, I am impressed. Truly I am. Design Outlet, believe me, is not any interior compared those in other countries. Maybe even better, I believe so. Indoor playground for kids, a good run to eateries and sales is an all rounder. Best buys and best bargains I think goes on throughout the year. If not in all outlets, at least in some. Affordable unless we are talking about designer brands? My half an hour well spent in Design Outlet, I was so close to picking up some casual wears but the thought of stuffing them in my bag and flying back home stopped me. Maybe, next time when its driving to Penang.  
Air Terjun Titi Kerawang
Teluk Bahang

Akin a habit for me. Each time and every time I pass by, I, for the reasoning between listening and hearing water nature, a pit-shop must be called for at Air Terjun Titi Kerawang. Sort of an automatic action reaction, I must excitedly walk towards waterfall, stand there and didn't I tell you earlier, I am a water embracing wonder woman? Of course, the pleasure is yours for water lusting, touching and pleasuring at the lower level or climb higher. Watch your steps though.


  1. Penang looks pretty fun! Love that food museum :-))

  2. I have been to penang many times but then seeing your feels like I have never really been to Penang. So many things that I have not seen before

  3. Very inspiring post, Nava! Great shots! xoxo

  4. I sincerely admire your energy to keep going at this age, travel on your own and have lots of fun. I don't know what I would be like at that age... :) Penang sounds like a fun place, that food museum sounds interesting. I can't stop giggling at your pictures at the ghost museum, so funny... hehe...

  5. OMG what happened to your face? Plastic surgery or botox? My god. You are talking about ageing gracefully but you have ruined your face like this with cosmetic surgery? You look like someone bashed your face in with a baseball bat and made your face swell up. GROSS. Please learn to type in proper english because your language is fucking terrible. Do you have poop in your head?

  6. Wow, that food and ghost museums seem so interesting!! :D I would love to visit these places :) This article is so helpful, thanks for sharing <3

  7. ur space is always fun to be at :) love the way you explore with full of life n joy!!


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