Saturday, December 30, 2017

Pulau Ketam (Selangor) - A Trip With Nava K

I think, actually, I am not even sure. Maybe, I like to believe that my other half-half is beginning to see our marriage florescence light tunnel. Believe me, for years, I have been battling with this man on our partnership love bird travelling. I may have failed, maybe, since I am yet to master the art of being a commanding, demanding, control freak and tyrant wife after all these years? Albeit, mind you, I have, from time to time been drilling in his head on us travelling together. Nothing really materialised, sadly no, though I admit we have embarked on our tour travel, every two years once (Noboribetsu Hokkaido & Bergen Norway). Other than that, what else is there to say? Some of you ladies may, I'm assuming, understand what I trying to say. What else? Men and their workholism madness obsession? Thrown in their co-curricular self proclaimed activities. Business entertaining, football craze, sleeping and, enlighten me, what else? I'm lost for words actually on the despicable, over they years, marriage revolution.  

This man of mine I've certified is one of them. Until  it came to a point I thought I am actually talking to the wall. There were days, mind you, I felt like socking his jaw drop down. Then again, what's the point? For carrying the crown of husband abuser? Trust me, not at all worth it. Instead, you know what I did? I started itching for travelling on my own because, mind you, logically, time and tide waits for no women. That too, after almost 10 years, he agreed on me solo doing. Not that without his blessings I couldn't have done it, this Indian marriage sentimental of mine, I tell you. I really didn’t want to fry hot flame fire fly my marriage for the sake of seeing the world because, he, I must say, in all fairness, is a logical love marriage money provider.

So, I went ahead with my solo ventures.(Seoul Korea, Kandy Sri Lanka, Istanbul Turkey, Angkor Wat Cambodia, Krabi Thailand & Bangkok Thailand). Still, I didn’t give up in putting sense into him. Especially once I realise that age has caught up in front and at the back of both of us.  Look, I am already 53 and he is 58. As it is, trust me, my bones are almost crushing, crashing crumbling down and I think age has slowed him down too. Of course, I can understand that travelling can utterly shoot money to sky high, in fact, I know of many marriages which has massively fallen, ripped, thrown, beaten, bruised and torn apart due to money rapture. Actually, to tell you the truth, I wasn’t even referring to over the sea travelling. Malaysian inbound sightseeing sincerely is appreciated as well (Langkawi Kedah, Melaka Jonker Walk, Alor Setar Kedah, Sungai Perak & Port Dickson Negeri Sembilan). Tell me then, if we don’t start travelling together forever now, then when? When in heaven or hell? What? Am I being possessive? No, I don't think so. After all, what is the point of love bond if we can’t find time for further nurturing our love nest?   

Unbelievably, believe me, my wish became his command 4 months ago. Neh, I didn’t command him, neither did I knock his head. He commanded himself. Aha! Remember I suspended you high up in the air (Siong Huat Bak Kut Teh Port Klang)? This is it guys. He went along by agreeing on this one day Pulau Ketam tripping in honour of my birthday. Oh-my-Indian-loving-darling-muah! I definitely was ecstatic. Roping in our close couple friends, the best adorable humble couple, our Pulau Ketam love lust began at Port Klang Jetty during this off peak week day. Quite blur we were actually on which ferry should we board. Eventually, we opted for Ali Baba Cruises. Anyway, let me tell you that this cruising to Pulau Ketam is not a major big deal. Nothing confusing. Go online for checking the time and fare, and also, if you are a beauty skin vainpot like Nava K, please make sure you lather lotsa sunblock, shelter under sunglasses, hat, or scarf. Its literally burn baby burn sun, let me tell you. 

Ali Baba ferry water cruising indeed is worth it. Maybe slightly expensive, but it’s a comfy conducive water gushing ride. Seats clearly numbered, spacious, video movie and because we did this trip, as I have already told you, on Monday off peak, we were not pushed or shoved by ugly Malaysians and believe me, Pulau Ketam seemingly is popular among foreign tourists too. Even Indians from India. Though I really can't tell what's their mission possible or impossible in Pulau Ketam. They sure, most of them, looked all holy-moly god centred grains. Some sort of Pulau Ketam charm mantra? Oppsie! All of us took turns to get into the ferry and we genuinely appreciated. this 45 minutes water ride to Pulau Ketam.  

Of course, me being as fidgety as I am always, I had to needle my other half half and my friends every now and then for bursting out in heart felt fun laughter, before stepping foot and walking the platform into Pulau Ketam. Pulau Ketam, let me tell you, at my first sight, yes mine, can't be yours, certainly resembled a secluded small Nava In Wonderland island. I love it. Peace and tranquility, sun however wouldn't stop lashing, finally, oh what a feeling. Away from the daily crawl, and brawl of city life. Traffic, who is richer, whose car is more showy, whose kids have scored all the A’s in the world and whose house is multi-level higher. Once we have walked in, we stood at the heart of Pulau Ketam jetty for taking our moment in looking down at the tiny creepy crawly crabs. After all, Pulau Ketam literally is Crab Island. So, if you don't look at the crabs, why come this far? Subsequently, we adjourned to the first coffee shop across where we rested over drinks while still at heavily discussing on what and what not about Pulau Ketam.

At this juncture, our friend who's stamped as a true and true Pulau Ketam born, came by for guiding us to the overnight stay he had already pre-booked. Streets Home Inn, according him is supposedly the most clean and decent among the rest. Was it? Sure. We had no qualms on cleanliness in this basically a square for putting your head down at night. But don’t expect coziness or thick fluffy bed. Bathe, or smell, some people don't bathe anyway, and doze off, you will do fine. I don't think anyone in the right frame of mind will want to remain or rest in the room. We didn’t want to either. Rather claustrophobic actually. 
Putting our bags aside, we walked to the back row Restoran Guo Siang. Other half-half tucked into fried kuey teow highly recommended as a must by our friend. No doubt, worth trying, still, not a winner. We on the other hand had hot beverages and my lady friend did comment that the ice coffee is quite sensational. 
Up next? Pulau Ketam walking venture by keeping our eyes and ears alert to the motor bikes and motor operated bicycles while passing by the police station, government clinic, eateries, hotels and shops.

Considering that time is still bountifully on our side, we agreed for the fish farm sightseeing. One which I don’t think, by far, I have read neither my friends have told me about. Into the boat alongside another five people, by the next 10 minutes, boat landed us at fish farm.

Our young, healthy, casual and down to earth Chinese guy tour guide I must tell you did a superb job. Darling boy! He kept reminding us to watch our steps once we stood on the plank platform while he fed the huge fish buggers who were literally jumping high for their tiny siblings in the no mercy and pathetic fish eating fish world. At the close radar of the dogs which were trying to get a hold of the fish too. These lovingly, timely and well fed fish, once they have grown humongous and strong, they bid bye bye to Pulau Ketam water by fetching a demanding price in the export market. The dogs by the way are not exported. They are actually the night police patrol cars or howling fiery guardians for keeping both their eyes on the one eye is superior pirate villainous invasion.    

Half an hour of fish knowledge thirsting quality time, we hopped back into the boat for another 10 minutes ride for the next stop in Floating Chalets. Floating? Yes floating. But chalets, I am not kidding, are a pathetic sight. Errrr! Filthy from the outside, can you imagine inside? Nevertheless, we had our moment of water rocking and movement for the next fifteen minutes, before returning to Pulau Ketam land on water.

To be continued.

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