Thursday, February 22, 2024

Eco-Friendly Delights on Banana Leaves: Nava's Zen Culinary Harmony

I feature my culinary creations on banana leaves, courtesy of the cultivated banana trees in Nava's Zen (Cultivating Sustainable Living). The advantages are diverse:

Eco-Friendly: Biodegradable and sustainable, reducing the need for disposable plates and supporting environmental conservation.

Antimicrobial Properties: Natural compounds in banana leaves may inhibit harmful bacteria when in contact with food.

Enhanced Flavor: The waxy coating imparts a delightful flavor, elevating the overall dining experience.

Nutrient Transfer: Studies suggest nutrients, like polyphenols, may transfer to food, offering a potential nutritional boost.

Heat Resistance: Resilient to heat, perfect for serving hot or grilled dishes without compromising integrity.

Cultural Significance: A tradition in certain regions, adding authenticity and often associated with festive occasions.

Convenience: Providing a practical, flat surface for serving multiple items, commonly used in communal dining.

Aesthetic Appeal: Vibrant green color and natural texture enhance the visual allure of meal presentations.

Biodegradable Disposal: Easily disposed of, decomposing rapidly, and minimizing environmental impact.


On these leaves, I showcase carefully crafted dishes, with at least 50% of the ingredients sourced from our Nava's Zen Organic Urban Gardening produce:


Fish Curry Platter: Fish Curry (Pumpkin Fish Curry), Edamame Beans, Salted Egg, and Lemongrass Rice.

Lamb Platter: Soy Chilli Lamb (Mutton Rendang), Pandan Leaf Coconut Milk Stew, Okra Stir-Fry (Vegetarian Beans) and Ginger Rice.  

Salted Fish, Winged Beans, and Spring Onion Fried Rice (Vegan Thai Fried Rice).

Chilli Leaves Fish Pickle (Nyonya Fish Pickle).

Serawa Durian & Pulut Kukus: Indulge in sweet durian porridge and steamed glutinous rice.

For recipes, explore my search bar, or my YouTube channel, or feel free to create your own.


Beyond my role as a senior entrepreneur, gardening and cooking serve as therapeutic outlets for my breathe, body, mind, and soul (Holistic Wellness). I take pride in blending my passion for nurturing plants with creating flavorful dishes, all presented on the eco-friendly stage of banana leaves.


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