Monday, February 5, 2024

Asian Fusion Seafood Curry House: Noodle Adventures

My fondness for noodles, especially the Chinese-style variety, is beyond dispute, and my preference leans towards the comforting soup-based options rather than their dried counterparts. In my quest for diverse broth and soup-based noodle experiences, it was fortuitous that my other half-half stumbled upon the Asian Fusion Seafood Curry House: U31, U, 25, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla, Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam (Manjoe Taiwanese Dumpling & The Charcoal Grill), 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor), proposing it as our next culinary expedition. His love for seafood and the mere whisper of the word "Curry" were reason enough, influenced by his inherent appreciation for the flavors ingrained in his Indian genes. He persuaded me to try the curry house, and I willingly agreed, anticipating noodle creations.

Entering the eatery just past noon, we found it abuzz with three-quarters of the seats occupied, and patrons relishing their midday meals. Noodle dishes swimming in curry were the stars of the menu, presenting us with ample choices. Adding to the charm, the owner approached us with a warm smile, ready to assist and answer our queries. Our order included the Claypot Seafood Curry Mee (RM22.80), a steaming, generous portion that prompted us to share.

We also have the Classic Curry Mee (RM13.80), which, though already served, the owner graciously agreed to pack separately. His attention to ensuring the curry didn't infiltrate the noodles showcased considerate detail - a gesture deserving of acknowledgment.

Delving into the claypot seafood curry mee was a sensory delight, featuring a lush of coconut milk creaminess and a harmonious blend of spices. The al dente noodles combined seamlessly with the fresh seafood ensemble, and every bite was a testament to our enjoyment, with my other half-half enthusiastically slurping the curry - a predictable move given his curry aficionado status.
The accompanying sambal/chilli dip added a delightful burst of spiciness. Washing down our meal with Chinese tea (RM1.50), the comfortable and clean ambiance added to the overall experience. 
Settling the bill, I expressed our delight to the owner, acknowledging his exceptional customer service. Returning home, savoring the classic curry mee with its familiar curry, tofu, tofu sheets, and seafood, I marveled at the culinary adventure we had experienced.

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