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Mandarin Orange Recipes: Reviving Leftover Sustainable Eats

The festival season and our current Chinese New Year, marked by communal meals and expressions of love, often leave us with delightful leftovers. Even the fruits, integral to these celebrations, like mandarin oranges and others, may find their way into the surplus. So, what do you do with these remnants?

Before delving into creative recipes, let's take a moment to consider those around the world who may not have enough to eat. This reminder prompts us to embrace sustainable living, a crucial aspect of sustainable development. As a first step, consider freezing or storing both the leftover dishes and fruits, as I'm about to guide you through some fantastic recipes to make the most of them.


Leftover Steamed Fish: 

Opt for slicing the fish for practical storage. Combine the cooked fish slices with mandarin orange pieces, adding a touch of freshness with garnishes like spring onion or fried ginger.

Mandarin Orange Pork Salad:

In a bowl, mix apples, mandarin oranges, salad leaves, roasted pork, a squeeze of mandarin orange juice, and a sprinkle of roasted black sesame seeds.

Mandarin Orange Chicken Salad: 

Create a refreshing salad by combining mandarin oranges, other fruits (like blueberries), shredded steamed chicken, a gentle drizzle of mandarin orange juice, and a pinch of salt.

Mandarin Orange Prawns: 

After lightly rinsing the cooked prawns from the leftover dish, set them aside. Prepare a flavorful sauce using mandarin orange juice, soy sauce, plain chili powder, salt, and a bit of cornflour. Arrange the prawns on a serving plate, pour the sauce over, and garnish with spring onion.

And did you know you can also whip up delicious treats like mandarin orange eggless cake and mandarin orange Marmalade? The possibilities for making the most of the festive season, especially during Chinese New Year, are vast when mandarin oranges are involved. 

What creative ideas do you have for Chinese New Year leftovers, including mandarin oranges? Let's share and learn from each other's culinary adventures!


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