Saturday, May 31, 2014

Nyonya Style Fish Achar

Splattering all over our Malaysian dishes is the amalgamation of many flavours coming together for  food trotting delightfullness. As always, as I have said before, we Malaysians love a rapture of tastes  on our tastebuds, primarily spiciness, tanginess, and tadbit of sweetness. Within this our Malaysian food grouping, Nyonya cuisine (Nyonya Assam Fish, Pineapple Salted Fish Curry & Tamarind Prawn) is one of it which stands tall for its almost the similar tastes I have mentioned. Nevertheless, there is definitely something magical about Nyonya Cuisine (Nyonya Fish Sambal). Maybe because dishes are ancient and unique, recipes handed down generation after generation, showcasing Malaysian herbs as well. Simply a bomb and eruption of sumptuousness, I too have showcased quite a bountiful of Nyonya recipes (Pork Belly Salted Fish, Lemongrass Chilli Prawns, Fish Chilli Belacan, Ayam Pongteh & Lemongrass Prawn Curry). Let us now stay focus on this Nyonya Style Fish Achar (Nyonya Assam Laksa) Yes folks, its back to fish again, I really can't help it, neither should I make myself clear why fish is the catch in  my house (Fish Cutlet, Fish Ball Fried Rice, Pepper Mango Fish Curry &Thai Fish Style).

Whether fish is healthy or not, or if we should debate on how polluted the sea is, that's besides the point. We shall maybe take this matter up when we meet each other, this my version of Nyonya Style Fish Achar I believe is a simplified and elevated with minimal ingredients style compared to other recipes you may have come across. Pantry friendly ingredients and the rest of ingredients I am certain you can easily buy, sardine had to be my choice (Kerala Style Sardine Curry & Papaya Sardine Curry) Another affordable ingredient and carrying with it an undivided fish love (Sour Fish Soup & Salted Egg Yolk Fish) crispy fried sardine soaking in a tangy, spicy and sweet vinaigrette (Pada Salt Fish Pickle, Salted Fish Mango Sambal & Salted Fish Pickle), Nyonya Style Fish Achar is none else, except mouthwatering and appetizing (Kangkung Belacan & Petai Dried Prawns).

10 sardine fish (or other firm fish) - de-gut and keep the head intact.
1 inch fresh turmeric/kunyit - smashed
10 shallots - remove skin
1 inch ginger - cut into stripes
6-7 birds/red chillies (slice the red chillies. For birds eye - just intact)
1/2 cup vinegar
6-8 tbsp sugar
Coriander leaves (optional)
Salt to taste
Oil - as needed
Rub fish with salt.
Deep fry and remove.
Leave about 3 tbsp of oil in the same pan.
Fry turmeric and remove (we will not need it)
Fry shallots, ginger and chillies, 2-3 mins.
Remove and keep aside.
Pour vinegar, add sugar and salt.
Let it simmer to thicken.
Add fish with fried shallots, ginger and chillies.
Stir all in.
Off the heat and combine coriander leaves.
Leave achar in the pan for at least an hour before serving.
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  1. i just love those red chilies in your dishes, it gives extra kick and nice color contrast too. can't find that here. love the whole platter.

  2. Very new to me....and its tempting

  3. Havenot tried this... Looks excellent...

  4. Your fish achar is simple to make but I know it packs a lot of punch. This will go so well with rice wine. *Drool* And I'm glad that despite your busy schedule food, photography and recipes have not taken a back seat.

  5. OMG!!! thats mouth watering.

  6. This dish looks so vibrant and delicious :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. I never know that there is a fish achar too
    Happy Sunday

  8. this is making me drool...very tempting

  9. Oh, are those sardines? I thought they were ikan kuning! I've not tried cooking with sardines. Love to try!

  10. delicious it looks darling :)

  11. So far I know only Fish fry and Curry ! Fish Achar is quite new and Inviting too.

  12. achar looks delicious,seems this is something worth to try.Not only yours,it is same here.My computer is full of food pics and travel pics.Not sure when I can finish writing all :)

  13. I guess life today is all about strategies and networking. One has to work extra hard to stand out in the competition that exists around (something which I have been quite poor at due to lack of time). But you amaze me how you manage it despite a job.
    As always the dish looks fantastic, delicious and totally inviting.


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