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Medication or Holistic Wellness Yoga: My Menopausal Journey

Experiencing a resurgence of menopausal symptoms at 53, following an initial bout at 50, took a toll on my well-being. Seeking answers at the medical center due to issues like body pain, insomnia, and overall health concerns, I found myself overwhelmed and in tears. The fear of a serious health problem added to the emotional strain, also, emotional feelings (Mental Well-Being) which I believe I have been bottling up, causing me to work my mind harder, making this relapse more severe than the first.

Medical tests revealed no underlying health issues, and the doctor attributed the symptoms to menopause, suspecting depression based on my persistent tears. Prescribed "Xanax" to alleviate stress, I reluctantly took half a pill at night. While it induced sleep, it came with a sense of loss. Taking the other half after lunch resulted in a deep slumber but a profound feeling of disconnection, as if my breath, body, mind, and soul were in conflict, with thoughts of drastic actions. Let me tell you that emotions ran deep, clashing like crazy, causing unwanted and unwarranted thoughts. As if I wanted to do something to end it.

However, thankfully, thanks to realizing that it is not something I should even consider, recognizing that something was amiss, I promptly stopped taking Xanax. Seeking a second opinion, another doctor diagnosed migraines triggered by the menopausal symptoms. Following the advice to discontinue migraine pills once improved, I felt much better. In fact, I only took the migraine tablets for 3 times.

This story underscores the individual nature of mental health solutions. While Xanax may benefit some, it didn't suit me, highlighting the importance of avoiding assumptions about mental well-being during challenging times. It's okay not to feel okay on certain days, and confusion may arise. For me, excessive health concerns led to feelings of sadness and crying. It was during this challenging period that I discovered yoga, suggested by a doctor, eventually leading me to become a yoga instructor. Through yoga, I learned to manage and release the negative emotions I have been holding on for years, plus, the current emotions, which were triggered by the menopausal relapse.

Have you faced similar experiences with medications like Xanax or encountered challenges during menopause? Share your thoughts and stories (Radiant Aging).







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