Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Sweet Durian Porridge & Steamed Glutinous Rice (Serawa Durian & Pulut Kukus)

The typical, traditional, authentic Malaysian Malay dessert. Sweet Durian Porridge & Steamed Glutinous Rice, aka, Serawa Durian & Pulut Kukus. My-my! Durian lovers! You will love, love this absolutely delicious mouth watering, our Malaysian dessert. Yes. You will. Take it from this “The Crazy Lover”. What about the rest? The rest who are not so fancy frilly over the smell and tastes of durian? Why not? Try. You must. After all. Unless you try, you never know right? Furthermore, don’t discriminate food. Any kinda. Be adventurous. Be a joy and love to food of all walks of life. Including, of course, our Malaysian food is still the best and our desserts, ahhhh, they are such  a major delight (Pulut Inti & Wajik Pulut). Best in the world. Best out of the rest. Precisely. But, in any case, you have tried durian and durian is still a no go to? Replace durian with jackfruit or whatever and whichever fruit you believe can take the place of durian.

Now, what about the cooking technic to Sweet Durian Porridge & Steamed Glutinous Rice? Oh, come of it guys. You know my recipes? Never brain cracking or brain boggling? Of course. The easy to-go-to recipes? Anyone for the matter can steam glutinous rice right? It’s the same thing as steaming rice. Otherwise. The other option will be cooking glutinous rice like cooking rice in the rice cooker. Done. The sweet durian porridge on the other hand, for the pairing together? Hah! All the ingredients in a pot and cooked over low heat or fire. Over. Cooking case closed. We are done darlings. By the way, for the information, my recipe is slightly different compared to the rest standard ones. Why? Because I didn’t add coconut milk into the glutinous rice. Having said that, you can. Pour substantial amount of coconut milk, use your discretion as well, into the steamed glutinous rice and allow the milk to be soaked inside. Or add coconut milk into rice cooker whilst cooking the glutinous rice. Recipe now!!!

Ingredients (as needed)
For glutinous rice
Glutinous rice -  soak overnight and steam with some screw pine leaves/pandan leaves 
Optional – once steamed, pour some coconut milk and let it soak into the glutinous rice.

For sweet durian porridge/serawa durian/pengat durian 
2 cups light coconut milk 
1 cup thick coconut milk 
White sugar – needed 
Palm sugar – needed 
8 durian pieces (or as much as you like) 
A pinch of salt 
Pandan leaves – knotted.

Daun pandan/screwpine leaves, durian, white sugar, palm sugar, salt and light coconut milk into a pot. 
Cook over low heat until all the ingredients merge together. 

Pour thick coconut milk. 
Off the heat. 
Pair porridge with steamed glutinous rice.

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