Friday, June 9, 2023

My Weight Journey: Overcoming Setbacks and Rediscovering Self-Confidence

For the longest time, I never considered myself overweight. Being an active person, practicing flow yoga, and tending to my beloved Zen blooming garden, I always maintained a healthy weight. However, in mid-2020, things took a turn. The scale showed a sudden increase from 48kg to 52kg, and the consequences became evident as my clothes no longer fit comfortably. 

The weight gain was primarily due to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, which limited my urban gardening activities and consumed my time with preparations for the launch of Nava'z Zen. It was a wake-up call, as I had taken for granted that my yoga practice alone would prevent weight gain, oblivious to the fact that I wasn't burning enough calories while indulging in snacks during my planning sessions.

Realization and Action

By January 2021, I was devastated to see the 4kg I had gained take a toll on my happiness. Determined to reclaim my well-being, I embarked on a journey of clean eating. I started my days with nutritious breakfasts consisting of fruits, oats, or cereals. For lunch, I reduced my rice portions and increased my vegetable intake. Dinner transformed into satisfying servings of hearty salads or nourishing soups, all while continuing my flow yoga practice. 

Each passing month saw me shedding 1kg, and by mid-2021, I successfully shed the 4 kilos that had weighed me down. However, I decided to maintain my weight at 46kg and remained committed to my clean eating habits.

Self-Confidence and Lessons Learned:

The journey taught me never to take my weight for granted. Dressing up for special occasions became a challenge when my clothes no longer fit, causing me to withdraw and make excuses to avoid socializing. I realized my discomfort with my weight was not just physical but also deeply impacted my self-confidence. 

Furthermore, I acknowledged the detrimental effects of excessive sugar consumption on weight management. Avoiding heavy meals at night and minimizing snacking, except for occasional indulgences during the day, became integral to my routine.

I share my weight loss journey in the hopes that it serves as a valuable resource for those seeking to shed extra pounds or maintain a healthy weight. It is crucial to be mindful of what we eat and avoid overindulgence. 

Remembering never to take our weight for granted can spare us the disappointment of not fitting into our favorite clothes and preserve our self-confidence. May my experiences inspire you on your own path to a healthier lifestyle.


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