Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Exquisite Delights: The Aromatic Fusion of Curry Leaf Coconut Oil Rice

If you've been following my culinary adventures, it's no secret that I have a deep love for rice (Butterfly Blue Pea Flower Rice). Today, I want to share with you a rice dish that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also fits perfectly into a weight loss journey. Yes, you heard that right - you can still enjoy rice while shedding those extra pounds. Now, let's talk about dinner. I personally tend to avoid rice in the evening because it takes longer to digest, and we tend to be less active after our last meal of the day. Those unburned calories can easily lead to unwanted weight gain. However, I have a solution for you: a moderate portion of rice, primarily for lunch, and for dinner, a healthy and aromatic rice dish (Turmeric Rice & Lemongrass Rice) that will leave you satisfied without worrying about the calories.

Today, I present to you an effortless cooking method that requires only a rice cooker. Brace yourself for a delicious, fragrant treat cooked with the magical combination of coconut oil and curry leaves. Trust me, you're in for a mouthwatering experience.


Let's dive into the recipe:


2 cups of rice (preferably basmati rice), washed and rinsed

3 cups of water

A handful of fresh curry leaves

2 tablespoons of coconut oil

A pinch of salt


Cooking Method:

Heat up your rice cooker and add the curry leaves. Give them a quick stir and let them crisp up, releasing their delightful aroma.

Add the washed rice and stir it gently for a while, allowing it to absorb the flavors of the curry leaves.

Pour in the water and add a pinch of salt. Give it another stir to evenly distribute the ingredients.

Now, it's time to let the rice cooker do its magic. Close the lid and let it cook until perfectly done.

Once the rice is cooked, fluff it up with a chopstick or fork. You'll be greeted by a fragrant cloud of coconut and curry leaf goodness.

Prepare to be delighted as this aromatic rice dish pairs exceptionally well with a wide variety of dishes. This coconut oil and curry leaves rice dish not only satisfies your cravings but also offers a healthy option that won't derail your weight loss journey. Enjoy this effortless and flavorsome creation that will keep you coming back for more.

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