Friday, June 23, 2023

A Delicious Evening Delight: Nutz N Boltz Quayside Mall Review

Last week, we decided to break our routine Sunday lunch outing and instead opted for a delightful dinner. Thanks to my accommodating husband for adjusting our plans, as I had some afternoon commitments to attend to. Being a woman entrepreneur, sometimes we need to shift priorities and adapt our schedules accordingly. Our destination for the evening was Nutz N Boltz Quayside Mall, Telok Panglima Garang. Although it had been around for some time, I hadn't explored it yet. As a passionate foodie, I felt it was time to personally experience the flavors and determine if the reviews I had read truly held merit. After all, tasting and discovering food ourselves allows us to form our own opinions rather than blindly relying on others' experiences, as our palates and preferences differ.

Upon arrival, we were immediately drawn to the charming ambiance. Opting to sit outside, facing the serene lake, we enjoyed the sight of numerous families strolling leisurely. The service was commendable, leaving us with no complaints. Glancing at the extensive menu options, we decided on the Mutton Pizza and Lamb Burger. Despite being tempted by the recommendation to try their mocktails or cocktails, we politely declined, feeling that plain water would be the perfect accompaniment for these rich and hearty dishes.

The Mutton Pizza exceeded all expectations, tantalizing my taste buds. The thin and crispy crust served as a delightful base, while the mutton pieces, nestled in a mildly spicy curry, were tender and flavorful. The generous layer of cheese on top truly reflected its quality. It was a delectable combination that left us craving for more. The portion size was ample, even for us, who are small eaters, especially myself.
Moving on to the Lamb Burger, we couldn't resist devouring the crispy fries immediately, as they tend to lose their crunch if left untouched. I packed the lamb burger for lunch the following day, and to my delight, it remained just as enjoyable after a quick warm-up in the microwave. The grilled lamb patty, which I always prefer over the fried alternative, melted in my mouth with every bite.

Overall, our dining experience at Nutz N Boltz Quayside Mall was worth every dollar and cent we spent. We were genuinely delighted by the flavors, attentive service, and the meaningful ambiance that complemented our culinary journey. It reinforced the notion that trying out food ourselves allows us to appreciate and connect with it on a personal level, making each dining experience unique and memorable.

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