Thursday, April 28, 2022

Indonesian Vegetarian Green Sambal Brinjal/Terung Sambal Hijau

Hi Darlings,

Its been a while right, since we greeted each other? I know. So, let me begin by extending to all of you darlings, my utmost best and ultimate beautiful greetings. What have I been up to? Ah! How challenging! Trust me, it is really challenging starting a new business, from a scratch. Endless! Some days, I feel like collapsing, other days I am like a shining star. Regardless, its a meaningful profound learning curve. Indeed, so much to learn, so much of growing up, so little time for paying attention to what others, especially those who brand you, judge you, label you, and put your down, without realizing how much I have on my business plate, for keeping my business going. Hah! The society we are living in today? People who try their level best in breaking your self-confidence. Nevermind, let them be. We move on positively and don't forget, promisingly.

To the recipe of the day. Indonesian Green Sambal/Terung Sambal Hijau. Oh-yes, I'm an avid fan of Indonesian cuisine, and, well, I, mind you, am good at cooking them as well. Modified, tweeted, and converted to plant based, vegetarian versions (Indonesian Brinjal Red Chilli Sambal, Spicy Sweet Brinjal, Tempeh Orek, Urap Kangkung & Indonesian Vegetarian Potato).  Enough said, let my recipes speak for themselves, and here's to another Indonesian plant based, vegetarian cooking style of mine.  

For the green sambal 
3 Green chillies
Green birds eye chillies (as needed)
5 Shallots 
*blend these ingredients together with some water

Other ingredients
4 brinjals - slice, add some turmeric powder, some salt and mix 
2 bay leaves 
Lime juice (as needed)
Palm sugar (as needed) 
Oil (as needed) 
Salt (to taste)

Heat oil, fry brinjal and set aside.  
Reduce the amount of oil, from the same wok/pan and add green sambal paste.
Cook to remove the raw smell and till oil floats.
Add bay leaves, sugar, lime juice and salt.
If you need extra sambal, pour some water. 
Tip in fried brinjal. 
Stir well and dish out. 

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