Thursday, April 1, 2021

Indonesian Potato Tauhu/Kentang Tauchu Indonesia (Vegetarian)

Keep your food journey interesting. Keep your food love exciting. And keep your food happiness trilling, frilling and sexciting. Why not? After all, food is the primary reason why we work. For a decent meal on our table, for our hunger and for the ultimate satisfaction to our palates. Of course, we can prefer familiarity. I mean, we may be inclined to our comfort food. But if you are an adventurous foodie or food lover like me, we do have options to other cuisines from all around the globe. And food from the Asian continent personally for me, is my utmost food love . Take for example Indonesian food. Aha! Me! The food hero to Indonesian food and you know what? You can effortlessly convert Indonesian dishes to a vegetarian food trail (Urap Kangkung/Water Spinach Salad, Tempeh Orek/Spicy Fermented Soy Bean & Terong Balado/Spicy Sweet Brinjal). Like this Indonesian Potato Tauhu/Kentang Tauchu Indonesia. Where did the recipe spring from? The mind of this “The Crazy Lover”. Enough said, to the recipe now please.

5 potatoes - remove skin and cut 
1 tbsp chilli tauhu (chilli fermented soy bean) 
1 big red onion - slice 
Some spring onion 
Calamansi Lime/lLimau kasturi juice - per taste 
2 tbsp oil 
Sugar - optional (as needed) 
Water as needed 

Heat oil. 
Saute the onion. 
Add tauchu. 
Add potatoes. 
Pour water.  
Enough water to soften potatoes. 
Add salt. 
Once potatoes has been cooked, add sugar and lime juice.
Switch off the heat. 
Add spring onion and stir. 

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