Monday, July 5, 2021

Indonesian Vegetarian Red Chilli Brinjal/Terung Kampung Masak Cabe Merah (Vegetarian)

Ahhh! Direct translation of recipes? The names primarily. Quite a thing in instances like for this dish - Terung Kampung Masak Cabe Merah. A vegetarian version (Indonesian Potato Tauchu, Water Spinach Salad, Spicy Fermented Soy Beans & Spicy Sweet Brinjal) obviously as I have mentioned. The thing as well? Even though my formal education till my secondary level has been in our local language, Bahasa Malaysia, which by far, as far as I know, can be regarded as a cousin of Indonesian language? I still struggled in translation the name of this recipe. Furthermore, due to, this dish is my invention based on all my previous Indonesian recipes. Still, the best thing is not to give up. Therefore, I have named it as Indonesian Vegetarian Red Chilli Brinjal.

Indonesian cooking and Indonesian food for this "The Crazy Lover"? My love. Love for cooking the dishes, as well as devouring into Indonesian cuisines. What about my other half-half and Indonesian food? Oh-Well! He is not a big fan, but I guess, over time, over the donkey years we have been married, he sort of have accepted. Apart from realizing that, every now and then, he should give way to the type of food I love. Considering I am the chef at home all the time and not him. Alright. Let’s hit it to the recipe now. Indonesian Vegetarian Red Chilli Brinjal/Terung Kampung Masak Cabe Merah. Trust me, packs a punch for enlivening your food senses. Eaten alongside, what else can it be, except rice for Malaysians like me and I believe for the Indonesians too.   

10 Terung kampung/Village brinjals – cut at the back, but still intact 
2 tomatoes - bruise/pound lightly 
5 garlic - bruise/pound lightly 
4 shallots - bruise/pound lightly 
Red chillies and bird eye chillies (as needed) - bruise/pound lightly 
2 bay leaves 
Lime juice- if needed and as needed 
Palm sugar/Gula Melaka - per taste 
Oil as needed 
Salt per taste 

Heat oil.
Fry brinjals and remove.
Reduce the amount of oil. 
Add red chillies, garlic, shallots, bay leaves and tomatoes. 
Cook to combine all the ingredients together. 
Add sugar, lime juice and salt. 
(Note: if you need more gravy; pour some water). 
Add brinjals, stir and dish out.




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