Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Ipoh, Perak - Nava K Discovery (Day 2)

More than looked forward to, most promising, Ipoh Discovery on the first day (Day 1 Ipoh). One of those, one of the best things I suppose when you are on the go, unlike a structured itinerary in a tour, this kinda easy and free to go road trip within your country (Fraser's Hill, Pahang)? No limits or bounds? At your leisure pleasure, and we basically driving and going with the flow. Furthermore, for a fact, we actually discovering places as and when we went along. Of course, Nava K. Honestly everyone, as a hardcore avid traveller, yes I am, lemme profess, me embracing every moment of it. After all, wouldn't you agree, travelling is about capturing, seeing and appreciating places you have never been to before? Whether for the best or not so best (Betong,Thailand)? Instead of selectively picking places base on hearsay or allowing social media sharing in influencing us? Not me. Nope. Not at all. Because not necessarily other people's experiences will be the meaningful opening doors for our own travelling. Don't we all, pretty much travel for our own valid reasoning and our differential reasons most probably not applicable to others? Ditto.

Right. Our day 2 in Ipoh. To Ipoh town for breakfast and between the ample choices of eateries, we opting for, Paris Restaurant, Famous Mee Hakka, which I prior found out is a must try. True. I must agree. Indeed. The noodle pride of Ipoh. Whichever  combination. Dry style, soupy style, and fish or porky items. The best part of it all? The sambal/chilli dip. Power house, packing and lashing for your noodle meal. Ohhhh!! Me and my chilli mouth truly loving this home made authentic Chinese spicy dip.  

Subsequently, after breakfast. Well, well, well. The continuity to Ipoh sightseeing. First stop. Kallumalai Murugan Temple (Arulmigu Subramaniyar Temple). Not my first time though. Been to during my teenage years and temple. if I am not mistaken, has already, been given a face lift on the exterior and interior. By the way, for your information, this is the temple where Thaipusam is faithfully ushered. Year in, year out. each year in full force.  

Half an hour for prayers, as well as around the compound and sitting in silence for maybe 10 minutes, we then departed before stepping foot in Sam Poh Thong Temple. Another already Nava K visited. Albeit honestly, I hardly can recall how it was back then 45 years ago. Anyway, once we walked in, we made sure we didn't miss out on anything. Literally, going from one end to the other and till the courtyard outside. Oh yes! Joss-stick prayers had to be in tandem too.  


Next? To the next gate, maybe, 10 minutes walking distance Nam Thean Tong Temple and for whatever reason it may have been, except for viewing the outside, we didn't want to get any further inside. Anything special? Nothing really special, or perhaps better to be said as to each our own, but, definitely to a certain extent, admirable and attractive. 

The other temple we visited, within a driving distance of 20 minutes, was Perak Cave Temple, aka Perak Tong Temple. Amazing. Truly and really, I can vouch. One of the star highlights amongst the rest of the temples in Ipoh. In fact, should be regarded as a major standout. The murals, the deco, the statues, the drawings on the walls and we going up-up and away by climbing the rather steep stone uneven staircase. Higher and higher till as high as we could. But not right to the highest point though. Still, at the height we climbed. Wow! Awesome helicopter view of mountains and nature unspoiled. Having said that, what didn't go down well with us was the lady seated at the corner of the staircase with her long face. Practically staring angrily and forcing us to drop some money in the box. Damn! Regardless, the people who were manning this place at the entrance, their friendliness, certainly, washed away the sins of the lady.  

Stay tune for the rest of my Perak Discovery in the next pitching. 

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