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Perak Travel - Nava K Discovery

Pretty hectic, but really, really fulfilling. Me returning to my mother land (Ipoh Perak Day 1) and like on roller blades, literally, exploring as many sightseeing spots (Ipoh Perak Day 2). To tell you the truth, I actually loved every moment of it. Despite, being roasted under our Malaysian, most of the time, non-user friendly scorching hot weather. Well, in Malaysia? Either its raining and even so, must I tell you how I can still sweat and when its burn baby sun, I am soaking wet. Where to after visiting Perak Cave Temple? Gunung Lang Recreational Park. For a fact I must crown Gunung Lang Recreational Park as one of the nature pride of Ipoh. At least for someone like who love nature wonder. Mountain surrounding and lake in centrality. Lake is the first thing you will see once you park and walk. What did we do in Gunung Lang Recreational Park. Basically, 10 minutes of our time standing in front of the lakes, simultaneously, glimpsing at the surrounding. That's about it. Of course you can walk further inside through the pathway, but I really can't tell you what and what not. Most probably, nature more or most promisingly?

By this hour, almost past 1 pm, our stomach started growling. Obviously, for indicating that food fueling must take place. To Ipoh town and we deciding upon the corner lot STS Ipoh Oldtown. Cosy, classy and home style ambiance and food? Wah! Attractively presented and tastefully elevated. Nasi Kerabu Ayam Percik and we didn't mind waiting for half an hour for the start to high tea. High tea set meal. Tea alongside the tier serving of cakes and salad. Believe me, absolutely satisfying.

Up next? Concubine Lane. A single stretch of lane as part of Ipoh's maybe latest tourist attraction and where basically, its about having a look at what the traders are selling and of course spending your money. Otherwise, there's nothing much. What about the nearby Han Chin Pet Soo? Malaysia's first Hakka tin mining museum. Skipped. Didn't interest us. 

Subsequently? Driving quite a distance to the legendary Victoria Bridge, Kuala Kangsar. A single track of railway line, built in 1900 to honour Queen Victoria. Railway track atop, Perak river flowing beneath, and to walk the track, you will need, maybe not buckets of guts, but still, some guts. Can be quite a thing mind you. Watch your steps. I'm sure you don't want your legs sinking in between the track gap? Mind you, if you accidentally slip and fall? Furthermore, if you are afraid of height? Stay clear please. Otherwise. All will end up well and good for your travelling-picturing. Oh, before I forget. Keep an eye on the passing by motorbikes within this really quiet area. These motorbikes? They will vroom back and forth, especially at the side of the pavement track.  

From Victoria Bridge, we headed to Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Kangsar. Why are you asking me? Well. I badly wanted to see the oldest rubber tree in Malaysia. Along the busy main road itself. My-my! One of those travelling values for history buffs like me. Alright. I know. Just a tree. What's the big deal right? Yes, a big deal for me personally. Me actually making it a point in seeing the tree which is sincerely, must be regarded as our Malaysian rubber history.  

Anymore sightseeing? None! Done, achieved and conquered, prior to driving back within the vicinity of Casuarina Meru and on an, ad hoc basis, resting our legs and ordering hot beverages, fries  and sausages in Restoran Tok Nan. How? Can't comment much. What can I possibly say? Perhaps if you come over for a full meal, I suppose, we speak further on food delightness in Restoran Tok Nan. How about service? Slumber-land. Taking it easy and walking at their own speed service. 

To our hotel thereafter for like resting back, thereafter, to the within 10 minutes drive, cluster of Malay Restaurants. Ambiance definitely must be recognised. What a profound traditional, rustic wow factor. But food? Curry Laksa and Mee Soup. Hack! Wash out. I think street stall food would have been better. Cheaper and maybe even tastier. Moreover, when it came to settling the bill. Such a confusion until we had intervene to find out why we have been charged extra. God!

The end. Lights out for the day.   


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