Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Malaysian Sago Pudding

Such is so that when you coin your own dessert, you must proudly profess and where else is a better place except in the virtual world. Specifically, for food bloggers, it must be in our blog. True enough. Yes indeed. I was in the mood of making a dessert and me being someone who love to definitely showcase our Malaysian ingredients (Malaysian Fish Sambal, Malaysian Fried Mee Hoon, Malaysian Lamb Curry Noodles, Malaysian Chilli Crab & Malaysian Fish Curry), trust me, our ingredients are mostly affordable, in fact you just pay a couple of dollars, I decided I will twist, tweet and modify my previous Sago Gula Melaka. Furthermore because me and my preference for our easy to put together desserts we are proud of and known as kuih-muih (Kuih Buah Melaka, Bingka PisangBubur Kacang Hijau, Poached Pears & Pandan Jelly), instead of baking or getting down to tremendously dessert works. Malaysian Sago Pudding? Obviously, sago is the main highlight (Sago Payasam) and of course, how can run away from coconut milk, Gula Melaka/palm sugar and for this my version sago pudding, drops of rose essence and red coloring. What a way to go for a delicious and an ultimate Malaysian Sago Pudding right? Wouldn't you agree Malaysian Sago Pudding is also so eye catchy as a a sugar sweet attraction?
1 cup sago - soak for 1/2 hour and carefully rinse
Coconut Milk (as needed)
Palm Sugar (as needed)
Few drops of rose essence
Few drops of red colouring 
Pinch of salt
Simmer enough water in a  pot. 
Add sago, stir and cook till translucent.
Drain out water and rinse sago under running water.
Mix color and rose essence into sago. .
Press into individual cups or a single mould. 
Cool down and store in the fridge.
Simmer palm sugar with water for thick syrup.
Warm up coconut milk with a pinch of salt.
Serve with chilled sago. 


  1. oh wow... sago, coconut milk and rose essence!!! yummy... i'm coming over, nava...

  2. So pretty! How can we go wrong with rose! And I LOVE your creative twist on the Gula Melaka which happens to be a favourite dessert of mine. I know this will taste great...can't wait to give it a try! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. This is the most innovative and intresting dessert I have ever seen
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  4. I have noticed coconut milk with sago in few fusion desserts! Im analyzing it should of great flavor and combo all together! Nice recipe :)

  5. I've never seen gula maleka..It looks so pretty that it will be almost a shame to eat it!! and it's sounds so easy to make!! thanks a lot for sharing this one..

  6. This dessert looks delicious and so tempting. Gorgeous clicks!

  7. Never tasted this before .. But would love to ... Rose essence , sago and coconut milk .. I could imagine how it would taste .. Looks good too

  8. never even heard of this, looks absolutely amazing , color makes it so drool worthy.

  9. Hi Nava, wowoooo I sure love this anytime. It's so refreshing and irresistible and so addictive. :)) Your look awesome... wish I can have some now.....

    Merry Christmas to you, have a nice holiday. Regards.

  10. Wow, I feel like having it now. You take stunning photos.

  11. First color of it is amazing ....Rose essence makes this more amazing .Yes you can never be late until the day of celebs...

  12. Heard this name.but ur pics r drool worthy..Looking very delicious n easy one..

  13. What stunning photos my friend, they look incredible :D

    Happy Holidays!

  14. This is completely new to me and looks awesome. Surely would have been an delight to consume. Love the click

  15. This really look so pretty! What I love the most is the ease to make with 3 ingredients. Have to try this gluten free dessert.

  16. What a pretty dessert, I always wanted to try sago gula melaka. Thanks for the recipe

  17. yummy colorful dessert!


  18. I have never tried Sago desserts except the Javvarisi Payasam

  19. Now that colour is so gorgeous... absolutely beautiful and pretty dessert :)

  20. I will love to serve this on my next party awesome drink that looks elegant perfect doll thanks.


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