Monday, January 20, 2014

Moroccan Pea Soup

I wouldn't and couldn't stop. In fact, I don't want to. I want to put my hands to as many cuisines from throughout the globe. Most probably because of this burning desire within me for learning to cook and these days, you can sit in front of your laptop and learn. So simple and so easy to learning and also picking up the vital tips to cooking. Of course, you can't do it in a jiffy. Instead, you have to put your heart and soul in firstly searching for recipes and then whether you are apt for copying exactly or allowing your thinking to wonder for coining your own dishes. So far I have achieved quite a good bit. The types of dishes I have made (Mongolian Prawns & Punjabi Sabut Moong Dal) from my own initiative and I must also thank the virtual world because admittedly, the food research in the virtual world did help. Moreover, when soups are a concern, should I, must I blow my own trumpet (Cambodian Sour Fish Soup, Chinese Vegetable Soup, Kashmiri Vegetable SoupKorean Radish Soup & Japanese Lotus Root Soup)? No right right? Your reading action and reaction I think will unveil all of it?

How did Moroccan Pea Soup on the hand come about in my kitchen (Old Cucumber Soup, Vegan Pumpkin Soup, Portuguese Potato Soup, Salted Fish Bone Soup, Onion Soup & Chinese Meatball Soup)? Honestly, to tell you the truth, believe me you, after making this green pea soup without referring to recipes, I decided to do some research and out popped up two . Oh-boy! What a food joy! Somewhat similar to my version green pea soup, but out of goodwill, I must mention the recipes (Morroccan Pea Soup & Moroccan Mint Pea Soup). Sort of as though falling in space, though I coined this Moroccan Green Pea Soup on my own (Moroccan Chicken Stew & Lentil Soup). Moroccan Green Pea Soup. God! Thick, healthy and an attractive green to a mind blowing and mouth conquering deliciousness (Thai Tomato Soup & Creamy Mushroom Soup). 

2 cups frozen green peas - rinse
1/4 inch ginger - remove skin and slice
4 garlic - remove skin.
2 shallots
1 tsp cumin powder 
2-3 sprigs coriander leaves
1/4 cup cream 
Some virgin olive oil
Pepper and salt for taste
Add the first 4 ingredients into a pot.
Pour about 2 cups of water.
Simmer and cook to soften all the ingredients. . 
Remove from heat, slightly cool down  and blend/purée to a smooth purée.
Pour back into the pan.
Simmer to heat through. 
(Note: add water if you think you should) 
Pour milk/cream, season with cumin powder, pepper and salt.
Stir and off the heat. 
Drizzle olive oil and garnish with coriander leaves prior to tucking in.   

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