Monday, January 20, 2014

Asian Green Pea Soup

For typical Malaysians like us, food must be strong, bold and power packed (Thai Papaya Salad). We indeed love the big Malaysian tastes, let it be anything. Any kind of food for the matter (Cauliflower Curry, Prawn Curry Mee & Soup Ikan/Fish Soup), curries of course are the pride and joy for my other half-half, whereas I won't mind soups. Not the ordinary soup, but those that lift up a big broad smile on my face. Thick and scented alongside our Malaysian herbs and spices (Vegetarian Noodle Soup, Potato Bok Choy Soup & Pumpkin Garlic Soup), soups must make their presence known on my taste-buds. Otherwise, soups or soup noodle dishes must be tucked  alongside chopped chilies soaked in soy sauce (Vegetable Soup, , Coriander Tomato Soup & Mushroom Yee Mee Soup). This Asian Green Pea Soup, you may have noticed, is another thick and scented with the common Malaysian ingredients. One of a kind, yes, my invention, believe me, remember, I am not a person who know how to con, cheat or lie? If recipe is taken from elsewhere, I will tell you, if I don't, it means that its my own recipe. Made with green peas , fresh coriander leaves, garlic and ginger, this Asian Green Pea Soup will capture the essence of a flavorful, satisfying and tummy filling soup, oh sure, better maybe, if you want to, pair it with home made or store bought croissants. and scrambled eggs.  Coincidentally, its raining today. What a perfect time. Time for Asian Green Pea Soup everyone!

2 cups frozen green peas - rinse
1/4 inch ginger - remove skin and slice
4 garlic - remove skin.
2-3 sprigs coriander leaves
1/4 cup cream or carton milk
Some virgin olive oil
Pepper and salt for taste
Add the first 4 ingredients into a pot.
Pour about 2 cups of water.
Simmer and cook to soften the ingredients. . 
Remove from heat, slightly cool down  and blend/purée to a smooth purée.
Pour back into the pan.
Simmer to heat through. 
(Note: add water for a diluted version)
Pour milk/cream, season with pepper and salt.
Stir and off the heat. 
Drizzle olive oil in before serving.  
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  1. wow... delectable soup with lovely presentation nava..:)

  2. It's peas season in india so we have a lot , I am going to ask my mum to
    Make it
    Happy Monday

  3. very healthy soup with nice clicks.

  4. that is what i call as a meal platter - with lovely croissant and egg along with warm health is in with taste

  5. Loving the vibrant green color of this soup and the flavors sound delicious. Peas are in plenty here and I am going to make this soon for the family. Thanks for sharing.

  6. The colour cannot get more beautiful than this.Superb presentation and nice recipe.

  7. Love the look of your pea soup. We've been having a lot of peas but not so much in soup form. This has been on my mind for a while.
    And I love the idea of an intro but somehow have not really started my posts that way. You're doing great, Nava! It's a treat to read your posts.

  8. Wow! Yes, its really great treat .. I couldnt able to move my eyes from the pic.. Amazing :)

  9. Linda sopa reconfortante y ademàs muy elegante,abrazos.

  10. Beautiful colorful, healthy and delicious soup.. Love your presentation..

  11. Must have been delicious , Lovely presentation

  12. Wow what a color :-) love it! I had made a pea soup once but never got this green! Awesomeness

  13. Flavorful and healthy soup. looks inviting.

  14. Looks absolutely yummy ! the colour looks and the whole platter looks real inviting ! and Nava ur intros are great :)

  15. Been following your blog for 1-2 years and I can see from month to month there is improvement. I like the way you write about normal things and link to recipes post.

  16. Oh god! What a colour!!! Cant able to take my eyes off from the big bowl of soup with vibrant colour. Perfect Photography.

  17. Loved the colour of the soup!! Now a days I am on look out for new soup recipe and this one definitely looks worth a try :)

  18. Green Pea soup sounds and looks so delicious :D


  19. Very healthy, delicious and colorful soup, love it Nava...

  20. Delicious looking soup, I'm loving the green color of this soup :)

  21. Never seen asuan style pea soup before, seems so sooth and comforting!!!
    great and fancy photographed too Nava!!!

  22. Wow! look at the colour...that is one reason why I like peas so much! And ginger garlic just makes everything so tasty.
    There are days for me when words flow and I need to put on my brakes and there are others when I struggle to write a single sentence. I think it has a lot to do with the frame of mind, stress etc. As for you, your pictures are enough to make everybody's mouth water and race to your website:-)

  23. Hi Nava, your green pea soup look so appetizing. Love the beautiful green color. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

    Best regards.

  24. Such a pretty color and flavorful soup! WOW

  25. Lovely I am more into soups n salads now


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