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Cambodian Sour Fish Soup

Just in case you are wondering how do I know to make Cambodian Sour Fish Soup, there's nothing for me to say right (Angkor Wat & Siem Reap)? No point repeating over and over like a parrot right (Phnom Penh Noodle Soup)? Furthermore, I shouldn't also mention their neighboring country Vietnam (Vietnamese Steamed Fish & Vietnamese Fish Soup)?  Pretty much logically, I don't need a long intro for substantiating this Cambodian Sour Fish Soup. Thank god! Nevertheless, it will be good if I relate some of the fish recipes I have already shared with all you beautiful people (Indian Fish Curry, Asam Pedas, Thai Crispy Fish, Steamed White Pompret & Ikan Masak Kicap) and what is the cooking story to Cambodian Sour Fish Soup? Oh, so easy, so uncomplicated, so straightforward, so food slurping and you add local veggies. Notably, mine had to okra/bendi/ladies fingers and I added some turmeric powder for bright hue and extra flavor (Nyonya Fish SoupThai Fish Soup & Mutton Soup).
2 pieces (about 450) Indian Mackerel/Ikan tenggiri (cut into chunks)
4-5 okra/bendi - cut into two pieces
1 tsp turmeric/kunyit powder
Lime juice - as needed (optional)
1 tbsp fish sauce (or as needed)
Salt to taste

For the broth (pound/blend coarsely)
1 lemongrass
1-2 red chilies
3 shallots
3-4 garlic
1/2 inch ginger

Add everything except the lime juice in a pot with 3/4 litre of water.
Simmer over very low heat till fish and okra are cooked.
Off the heat and combine in lime juice. 


  1. Domain going missing, I am looking forward to complete story :0
    I am going to try this soup , it's getting cold in India and having soup is my fav thing in such cold weather
    Have a great week

  2. Wow we eat fish alot, and heard about cutlets and pakodas, never thought of soups :O Its so much new to me! hope it was delicious as much as we eat :D

  3. Love the colour of this, really vibrant.

  4. Great to know at last you received your domain back. I am wondering for some time to take my site to another level to activate the chances I am receiving.but still confused as I am happy with blogger.
    Btw a nice & delicious soup for winters and an interesting twist with okra

  5. One healthy soup, fish and okra very very lovely combo...

  6. what happened to ur site had problem finding it yesterday, apt dish for this climate.

  7. Your domain went missing? I would have freaked out. So glad you got everything back to normal and reclaimed all your hard work. As for the recipe, it's a refreshingly simple, pungent but tangy way of enjoying fish with nothing more than a few aromatics, turmeric and citrus based flavors. I'm pretty sure my mother made something similar for me but used coconut milk, ala ikean masak lemak style.

  8. I have never tried fish and okra together, the soup looks really good Nava.

  9. Nava, so good to see this post...and I want to know how such things can happen...and thanks for including my blog-name. Your dish looks delicious. Okra isn't commonly used with fish but I'd love to try out this combination.

  10. Oh Nava, can't tell you how relieved I feel visiting this space today. Have been checking daily and was greeted by a smiling lady instead of my favourite curries and soups. I can tell you I was missing this space with all the sugar and cookie overload (including myself) around the blog-o-sphere. I can imagine your ordeal and will surely learn a few things from your experience.
    Now coming to my favourite part. The soup looks fabulous as usual and so simple to make. Okra in a soup is just what I need at the moment to give to my kids. I have only done stir frys with them until now.
    Keep up your never-give-up attitude and keep those dishes coming for us. We love them:-)

  11. interesting combo n looks delicious!!!

  12. Sad to hear about the domain mishap. Glad you were able to restore.
    So up is comfort food anytime. That is a crazy combination if fish and okra but the soup looks too good.
    Thanks for sharing. .

  13. Now you are back i guess .Sorry for your hard time nava.Fish soup looks perfect for rainy weather .Never heard of fish soup (may be little illetrate in this part).we usually do cut okras and here okras are still full hmm so many varieties .I am not sure about the second ingredient in the broth ( going to google it ).

  14. So so glad you have your domain back and up again.. the soup looks very comforting :-)

  15. I never had this combination, fish and okra...this soup sounds and looks delicious, love the lemongrass and the spices in it...yum!
    Hope you are having a great week Nava :D

  16. looks nice...loved the clicks..I am vegetarian...will try something else.with okra..
    My recent one :

  17. This sounds scary, but glad to hear you got your domain back. Fish soup looks yummy, interesting combination of flavors.

  18. Thank Goodness all went well, Nava! Tried visiting your blog several times but were down. I can fully understand the panic etc. Really happy for you that things finally worked out & you've got a beautiful dish for your readers! xoxo

  19. Yummy soup............................the combination of fish and okra is awesome!! We also combine veggies with fish in oriya cuisine.....makes for a wholesome and balanced meal!!!

  20. Hi Nava, your comfort soup look very appetizing. I love ikan tenggiri, the combination with bendi sound interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    Sorry to hear about it but I'm glad your got back your dormain. Happy blogging.

  21. Great to see you back !
    hope everything have been sorted out.

  22. What your domain went missing?! I am eager to read your post on that...
    Take care and don't strain yourself.
    Bhindi is my favorite...I'll have to think of something to replace the fish with :)

  23. Thanks for sharing such an informative posts so keep it up man!!
    Register Softwares

  24. Looks appetizing. Though I admit, I'm not too adventurous with food. New tastes bother me. Hope this one would change my mind about foreign food.

  25. Hello Navneetham...I am happy that it is fixed...However did not get an update of this recipe on the blog list...thx for the recipe...Happy Blogging


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