Friday, December 14, 2012

Asam Pedas Ikan Bawal

The other, another favourite of mine (Rendang Ayam/Chicken Rendang), though the same can't be said about my other half-half. Asam Pedas Ikan Bawal (Black Pompret in Sour Spicy Gravy) without is a delight for me. Always and forever. Anytime in fact (Malaysian Sour Spicy Fish Noodle Soup). Tell me about it if you are another person like me. Those who just so love our traditional Malay dishes (Sambal Udang Petai, Sambal Kentang Ikan Asin, Pucuk Ubi Sambal Belacan, Fish Stuffed Sambal, Nasi Dagang &  Laksam Kelantan). Sambal based and sour notes dishes. These tastes coming from our local and affordable ingredients. Pretty much, how far can we run when our Malaysian Malay dishes (Gado Gado) are a concern? Pretty much, more or less the same ingredients? Yep. Sour notes from tamarind or we are also fond of dried tamarind pieces (Asam Fish Curry, Penang Asam Laksa, Tamarind Prawn Curry & Nyonya Fish Sambal), also known as asam keping and the scent of our easily grown local ingredients into this Asam Pedas Ikan Bawal (Bawal Kicap/Pompret Soy Sauce). Bang on! I seriously think will punch wake up your palates. Asam Pedas Ikan Bawal? The pride of our country (Vietnamese Fish Soup, Thai Fish Noodle Soup & Batter Fried Fish). 

500g (one medium size) bawal hitam/pomfret – scale, gut and cut into pieces (or any other firm fish).
2 pcs asam keping/dried tamarind
3-4 Chinese brinjals – cut lengthwise (or bendi/okra)
1 bunga kantan/torch ginger bud – shredded
10 cherry tomatoes or 1 large tomato –cut into eight pieces
½ cup oil
1 ½ tsp sugar
Salt for taste

Rempah/Spices (blend/ground to a thick smooth paste)
½ inch ginger
5 garlic
5 shallots
1 lemongrass/serai
10 dried red chilies (or as per taste)
1 inch kunyit hidup/fresh turmeric
1 inch lengkuas/galangal

When oil is heated, fry spice paste till aromatic and oils splits.
Add ½ liter of water and put in tomatoes, brinjals, asam, salt and sugar.
Stir and simmer.
When gravy is heated through, gently drop in fish. 
Continue to simmer until fish is cooked.
Stir in bunga kantan and remove from heat.


  1. Life in the good old days was always fun,
    i live with malay and indian neighbors.

  2. What a beautiful exotic curry :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  3. I hope you find them all! What a lovely life :)

    And this fish looks faaaaabulous!

  4. I can never make such beautiful fish curries. Nava you cook great seafood.

  5. yummy ms.nava been looking all over your past entry for asam pedas recipe, even cross the mind to request from you to make asam pedas post but i was so shy to said it haha.. but finally you had it posted now ms.nava =D im gonna try this recipe one day for sure..thank u for sharing..

  6. hi nava, like you enjoy malay cooking, i also like a lot of indian foods like roti canai, capati, tosei, naan, chicken tikka, biryani , mutton curry, chutneys etc etc ..hey, never relised there so many more :) neans i like spicy food very much..
    the veggies combination for your asam pedas if perfect for my taste buds.. something new for me> will try black pomfret next time, so far been using stingray/ ikan parang/ senangin.

  7. This is one of my fave dishes guaranteed to have me eating 2 days worth of rice in one sitting.

  8. My mouth turns sourish just by looking at this assam fish. This is one of my hubby's fave dish & yours is certainly appetizing. I'm back from my vacation. Have u been shopping & eating like me?? Hahaha!

  9. This looks so appetizing Nava! Can't help drooling!


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