Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Unagi Kabayaki

You know what foodies? If the front door is not the exit out of our house, there is always the back door in case. Similarly, when cooking is a concern, tell me, do we have to get it perfectly right and be as perfect as others or must our dish be alike, like theirs (Tofu Katsu, Kenchin Jiru  &  Simmered Daikon)? Not necessarily if you are asking me. Look, I wanted to make Unagi Kabayaki, but I don't think I will ever be able to hold the slippery eel, neither, can I bring myself to cleaning it. Thus, I took the other entrance. Call it the back door to (Japanese Eggplant Saute, Teppanyaki Salmon & Egg Fish Roll) Unagi Kabayaki. I actually bought frozen grilled unagi and basically, I gave it my twist for elevating it as my style to Unagi Kabayaki and instead of the sticky sauce atop, I paired it alongside my style Japanese style spicy, tangy and sweet sauce, also some thin strips of cucumber and spring onion. Invention? Wouldn't you agree and food proud moment according to how we prefer? Unless, you feel you should outrightly discount my, my style Unagi Kabayaki? Oh, of course, before I forget, we need a plate or bowl of rice for Unagi Kabayaki.
Ingredients (estimate)
1 packet ready made grilled eel
2-3 tbsp oil
1/2 cucumber - remove seeds and slice into long pieces
Spring onion - cut into thin strips and soak in ice water to curl up

For the sauce
3 tbsp Japanese soya sauce
1 red chilli - chopped
1/4 inch ginger - grated
1 tsp sugar
1 1/2 tsp lime juice
Defrost eel and cut into pieces.
Drizzle olive oil into a portable grill and grill fish on both sides.
Remove and keep aside.
Mix the ingredients for the sauce.
Plate up the sauce with grilled unagi, cucumber and spring onion curls.
Oh, don't forget rice for a filling meal.


  1. Me too geli see the eels. And of course does not have any idea his to clean one. Ooo got the vacuum packed ones. Good. That saves a lot of work

  2. Looks delicious . Heard about this fish, but not tasted yet.

  3. I love unagi but haven't had it for quiet sometime :P Love how you paired it with that refreshing and flavorful homemade sauce ! Just delish ;)

  4. never heard or tasted this fish...yours look cool and good to try

  5. This looks fantastic...The grilled eel are inviting...i have never tasted eel....i think its time to have one. I also like the sauce recipe.

  6. Pre-cooked food items are always fun to work with, we just have to season and garnish which is cool and easy! Eel looks tasty and love the way you have sliced the cucumber much like a satin ribbon!
    Also those chopsticks, a nice combination of color and looks elegant! Some day, I should learn how to have food with chop sticks! I also love the concoction(ginger, sugar and lime) of home-made sauce. Nice clicks, Nava.

  7. In our place the fish mongers peel off the skin like a long sticker:)

  8. I just love the way you cut vegetables. Sauce is delicious. Can't comment on unagi.

  9. Wow The grilled eel looks awesome and delicious, love the flavourful sauce with this fish...
    Thanks for sharing...

  10. I love unagi....I always order it when eating at the Japanese restaurant...
    nice sauce Nava...I like the ginger in it.
    Hope you are having a lovely week :D

  11. I have never tasted eel before. But that grilled fish looks delicious and so is the dip :-)

  12. I never came across real fresh eel in my life but now everything is simplified which comes in packaging. Save time for cleaning. Next time hunt for that and try to use ur recipe. Thanks for sharing. =D

  13. This recipe Very new to me , Intresting

  14. I have never tasted Eel in my life Nava, but grilling the Eel will definitely will be awesome. Love the perfect grilling :)

  15. Oh...I get these ready-to-eat eel all the time. They are so good and so easy to prepare. :) Your special dipping sauce sounds wonderful. Can't wait to try it next time I make eel.

  16. I love all kinds of fish! It looks good!

  17. both me and my better half love to try all kinds of fish..but never get a chance to try eel fact i didnt know that it is edible until i saw this post..thanks for sharing this Nava:)

  18. Unagi sounds so difficult to make but you execute this dish perfectly my friend :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  19. The unagi looks pretty tantalizing amnd delicious, just the right portion and layout (for people who might be a bit squeamish otherwise)

  20. The colors blend perfectly with each other in the pics Nava :) Green & white from cucumbers & yellow & brown from eel.. Though I have never had eel before, these pics do tempt me :)


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