Saturday, February 13, 2016

Pulut Inti (Glutinous Rice With Sweet Coconut)

It is one thing for cooking, the other is whether you must have all the ingredients? What then? What happens when you can't get certain specific ingredients? You are going to ditched aside the idea of making the dish? Or my question is, are you still going to go ahead by making do? Making do basically meaning, are we going to go ahead with the dish. If you are asking me, I am quite a good cooking runner. I always make do. Take this pulut inti for an example. By right, you need banana leaves, then again? So what? What about re-looking at how can we still make without the leaves. I definitely did fine. My pyrex showed me the way and I hand-crafted Pulut Inti for the serving style. See, I already told you? Nothing is absolute and you can still be a food hero in your own way. What is Pulut Inti? Clue already given. Glutinous rice with sweet coconut which must placed alongside our kuih-muih or local delicacies (Chrysanthemum Goji Jelly, Kuih Kosui & Malaysian Sago Pudding). Our Kuih-muih (Bingka Pisang, Bubur Chacha & Honeydew Sago Dessert)? The treasures of Malaysia and will forever remain as our propelling sweet treat, sweet delight and our sweet moment  (Wajik PulutKuih Buah MelakaKuih Sagu Kukus & Pumpkin Sago Dessert).

1 1/2 cups white glutinous/pulut rice - soak over night and drain off the water. 
1 cup coconut milk
A few pandan/screwpine leaves 
A pinch of salt

For the inti/sweet coconut
1 cup fresh grated coconut
Crushed palm sugar/gula Melaka - as per taste
White sugar - optional and up to you

To make
Blend coconut milk and coconut leaves.
Strain to remove the leaves and extract the coconut pandan mixture. 
Keep aside. 
Now, mix glutinous rice with salt and press the rice on a steaming tray.
Steam to 3/4 soften.
Carefully lift the tray from the steaming pot and then stir in the coconut pandan mixture.
Steam again (another 5 minutes or so, also depending on the size of the tray ) to totally cook the rice.
Meanwhile, for the inti, pan fry the ingredients till smooth and just a little crispy.
Once rice has been totally steamed, press the inti on top and then cut into squares. 
Or roll the pulut or shape as cone bit by bit and press a little of the inti atop. 
(Note: be careful of the heat as not to burn your hands).
So, here we have the simplest and easiest pulut inti.


  1. I hv tasted in hawker center .. Thanks for the recipe Nava

  2. I agree with you Nava ...this is such an interesting recipe ..looks so yummy and flavourful

  3. I too believe, love is not a thing to show off in social media.Loved this simple and delicious dessert.

  4. You wrote down my exact feelings about valentines day. It's day about love but now a days it's anything but that.
    Love this recipe. I am not really a sweet person, but sweet rice recipes always fare good with me. Yummm...Happy valentines days :)

  5. Sounds like an interesting dessert...

  6. I like most of the dishes with coconut in it and this one sounds very delicious to me!!

  7. Great recipe, I love eating coconut...

  8. Awesome recipe. Looks delicious. Yum Yum :)

  9. I agree with u i am also a private person when it comes to days like these.. sharing is ok overdoing it is a big NOO...
    Coconut and rice is amazing together..this is so delicious & mouth watering indeed!!!

  10. He hee social media controls how much one loves his off like u say:)
    Thats a yummy looking sweet.

  11. I like to eat this. But always lazy to make. Yummy

  12. i love your presentation of food :) I do not like coconut in my food except coconut chutney but I'll give it a try once for sure :)

  13. Nice! I don't think I've tried these....... Looks yummy! xoxo

  14. Interesting and new dessert.. Anything with coconut milk is my favourite..

  15. Interesting recipe. Looks so beautiful and flavorful!

  16. Totally a new and an interesting dish to me. Liked the presentation a lot.

  17. Valentine's Day is always so extravagant on social media! I never really celebrate it either, since it's my sister's birthday....This dessert looks amazing- I love glutinous rice and coconut so it's th eperfect combination for me!

  18. Nava this is a new dish for me. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Atleast i got yo know of such a dish. Pictures have demonstrated it perfectly

  19. Is good to be private and keep some things to yourself, now this dish looks so delicious I want a plate now.


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