Monday, January 22, 2024

Malaysian Vegetarian Korma Curry: A Culinary Harmony of Homegrown Flavors

Can I express how the aromatic wafts of Korma Curry permeate my home with a delightful warmth? Well, it's not merely about preference; it's a culinary delight, especially for my significant other, who has an insatiable craving for curry. Thus, approximately every two months, I embark on crafting a Korma dish, each time experimenting with a different twist (Muglai Style Vegetarian Korma). The variety comes not from drastic changes but subtle tweaks to the ingredients, creating a unique Korma experience on every occasion.

Our inclination typically leans towards a vegetarian rendition, and this time around, the pandan/screwpine leaves, lemongrass, and red chilies hailed from our nature-inspired haven, Nava's Zen. Championing sustainable living, these are our very own organic produce. The rest of the ingredients are store-bought, with most already residing in our kitchen. As I always say, cooking starts with utilizing what's available at home, and staples like canned mushrooms and frozen peas are always in the mix.


While we eagerly await the success of our brinjal plant and navigate the mystery of growing tomatoes, I take joy in incorporating Greek yogurt for a creamy richness and dried black raisins for a burst of natural sweetness into this Korma Curry. Let me guide you through the process of crafting this Malaysian Vegetarian Korma Curry:



2 tbsp store-bought korma powder (mixed with water for a thick curry paste)

1 cup frozen peas

1 can canned button mushrooms (sliced, if desired)

1 large brinjal, sliced

2 pandan/screwpine leaves, knotted

Spices: 1 cinnamon stick, 4 cloves, 1 star anise, 2 small bay leaves

2 red chilies, sliced

2 small lemongrass, bruised/smashed

5 garlic cloves, smashed

5 shallots, smashed

2 small tomatoes, sliced

Some coriander leaves

2 tbsp Greek yogurt, whisked

1/2 cup oil

Salt, as needed

Water, as needed



Heat oil, add shallots, garlic, spices, and lemongrass. Stir.

Add korma curry paste, cook until oil floats.

Add tomatoes, chilies, and brinjal. Stir.

Add pandan leaves, raisins, pour water as needed, and simmer until brinjal is 3/4 soft.

Add peas and button mushrooms, simmer for 1 min.

Add salt, stir, and switch off the heat.

Gently stir in yogurt and, lastly, add coriander leaves.

Don't miss the chance to savor this culinary creation - Ms. Nava's Malaysian Vegetarian Korma Curry from Nava's Zen. Trust me; you won't regret it.

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