Friday, January 27, 2023

Shimla - Nava's Travelog (Part 2)

I starting walking and can you imagine, how the walk must have been? Right after the bouncy horse ride, followed by stepping up and down on the stone path, leading up to Mahasu Peak (Shimla Part 1 & New Delhi To Shimla)? Hah! Testing, testing, the endurance test of my legs and my will power. As I continued walking, I also couldn't help noticing the line of stalls on both sides, selling souvenirs, clothes, food and drinks mostly, also games fun time. However, my shopping enthusiasm didn't scream high, neither rushing as high as Mahasu Peak. Simply said, I didn't see anything special at these stalls. Basically, similar stuffs as at the road side stalls, across the starting point of the horse ride area. Pretty much as well, the standardized North Indian street shopping. 

My walk eventually led me to, where else, but Mahasu Peak and right there, I opted out from being amongst the hundreds of locals and tourist as well. Instead, I decided to stand at a distance for awing at this height, Shimla's nature. Just for 5 minutes or so, prior to making a U-turn for walking back to the entrance. 20 minutes of wait, my guide arrived, thereafter he clicked a couple of pictures at my request, while I pampered the darling horse, by mentioning - darling, darling, darling, Upon hearing the word darling, my guide corrected me by saying - no, name not darling, it is Raku. Phew! What a hilarious moment. My guide then held my hands for lifting me to being seated on the horse, before the ride downwards. 

Now, as I waited for the rest at the roadside, my guide, assuming I am lost, held my hand again for walking me to the driver who drove us to this spot. Hah! The great people you meet while travelling. Speak about kindness without being asked. All done and over in Kufri, we left and, da, da, da! The hours waiting for switching from one transporter to another. Literally, oh-yes, unpleasant to the mind and by the time we arrived at Jakhu Road, I didn't care less about Shri Hanuman Mandir and Christ Church, as per our sightseeing itinerary. Like it mattered, let alone it was already 4.30pm and climbing the steep steps for lunching in Cafe Under Tree. Duh! Crazy. Hunger practically ripping me apart. 

Cafe Under Tree. My-my! Fabulousity in terms of ambiance, service and food. From the mix bag of  Western and Indian vegetarian dishes on the menu, we ordered Mushroom Fried Rice, Vegetarian Briyani and Machurian Kofta. Yums! Nothing could be faulted. Price-wise, affordable as well.

Tummy tucked and we also sitting back for calming our breathe, body, mind and soul, in between, washroom time, next, walking downwards, before getting into the van for returning to Jade Vine Resort. Off to my room, and the bathing concept in North India hotels/resorts? Bucket bathing. Likewise, in this resort. Of course, you can still do under the shower bathing. For me, I make sure its the bucket bathing, as how it used be to in Brickfields government quarters during my growing up years. Hah! Down the lane memory bathing. Why let go, when you have a chance? 

Next change - Kullu Manali.

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